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Julius August Wagenmann (born November 23, 1823 in Berneck , † August 27, 1890 in Tübingen ) was a full professor of Protestant theology at the Georg August University of Göttingen and editor for the magazine for German theology . Above all, he wrote essential parts for the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie .


Wagenmann came from Württemberg and studied in Tübingen . He then worked from 1846 to 1848 as a tutor at the Blaubeuren seminary and from 1849 to 1851 at the Evangelical Monastery . In 1852 he became a deacon and in 1857 archdeacon in Göppingen . On March 20, 1861 he was awarded a Lic. Theol by the Theological Faculty of the University of Tübingen . PhD. From there he was appointed to the University of Göttingen in 1861 and taught there until his death during a home visit.

Wagenmann was characterized by an encyclopedic memory, especially on topics of church history. He also wrote articles for various encyclopedias and the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie. He was also an editor for the magazine for German theology . With all of these varied activities, however, he never got around to writing his own books.

Wagenmann was an honorary philistine of the Göttingen Wingolf . On November 8, 1862, he was awarded an honorary theological doctorate ( D. theol. Hc ) by the University of Göttingen .

The son August Wagenmann was a professor of ophthalmology; the son Karl Wagenmann was clergyman vice-president in the regional church office in Hanover.


  • General German biography, article by Julius August Wagenmann . 1875-1912.


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