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FvLenbach - Portrait of Wilhelm Busch
Logo of the Allotria (around 1877)
Friedrich August von Kaulbach : Caricature of the first chairman Michael Wagmüller , 1878
In the “Allotria” drinking room , illustration in the magazine Die Gartenlaube , 1887, after a drawing by Otto Strützel and Fritz Bergen

The artist society Allotria was founded in Munich in 1873 by Franz von Lenbach and Lorenz Gedon . The reason for this was the departure of around 50 artists from the Munich artists' cooperative . After its foundation, the Allotria was considered a meeting place for the “revolutionaries” of the Munich art scene at the time, who did not exhibit in the established Glaspalast . In 1879 Lenbach was elected president. In order to be able to exhibit more independently of the "artist princes" Lenbach, who had become very influential in society and in the art world, there was again a split: in 1892 the Munich Secession was founded out of the Allotria .

Members of the Allotria included the painters Josef Block , Otto Frölicher , Hugo von Habermann , Friedrich August von Kaulbach , Hans Makart , Bruno Piglhein , Franz von Stuck , Lovis Corinth and Joseph Wopfner , the conductor and composer Hermann Levi and the caricaturists Wilhelm Busch and Adolf Oberländer and the architects Gabriel and Emanuel von Seidl . The sculptor and ore caster Ferdinand von Miller (jr.) Took over the chairmanship of the Allotria from 1922.

The company originally met in the slaughterhouse of the "Abenthum", one of the oldest Munich inns. Even today, the artist society Allotria is a colorful society of around 70 artists from a wide variety of disciplines, and its diversity reflects the spirit of its founders. Its president is Anton Hörl , modeller and developer at Porzellanmanufaktur Nymphenburg. Second board member Michael Stephan, head of the Munich City Archives . The members meet weekly in the Allotria cellar of the Künstlerhaus on Lenbachplatz , including the former television director and puppeteer Peter Grassinger, the sculptor Michael Gattnarzik, the pianist and composer Ernst August Quelle , the painter and art historian R. Legler, the painter J. Jung, the musician and sound engineer Peter Lang. The Künstlerhaus was founded by members of the Allotria and inaugurated in 1900.


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