Cabinet Erckert I

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The Erckert I cabinet was the first South Tyrolean provincial government . The cabinet was in office from December 20, 1948 to December 19, 1952. It was elected by the South Tyrolean Parliament in its composition after the 1948 elections .


Surname Office Political party Language group
Karl Erckert Governor SVP German
Friedrich Teßmann Deputy Governor SVP German
Alfons Benedikter Provincial Council SVP German
Guido Dorna Provincial Council Partito Repubblicano Italiano Italian
Paul Mayr Provincial Council (1) SVP German
Sandro Panizza Provincial Council Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Alois Pupp Provincial Council (1) SVP ladin
Albuin Forer Substitute State Council (2) SVP German
Ernst Muther Substitute State Council (3) SVP German
Leo von Pretz Substitute State Council SVP German
Rolando Toma Substitute State Council Unione Indipendenti Italian

(1) On October 13, 1950, Alois Pupp replaced Paul Mayr, who had resigned, as regional councilor.
(2) from October 13, 1950
(3) to October 12, 1950

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