Cabinet Magnago III

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The Magnago III cabinet was the VI. South Tyrolean provincial government . The cabinet was in office from February 17, 1969 to March 14, 1974. It was elected by the South Tyrolean Parliament in its composition after the 1968 elections .


Surname Office Political party Language group
Silvius Magnago Governor SVP German
Alfons Benedikter Deputy Governor SVP German
Giorgio Pasquali Regional Councilor / Deputy Governor (1) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Armando Bertorelle Provincial Council Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Joachim Dalsass Provincial Council SVP German
Valentino Pasqualine Provincial Council (2) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Giuseppe Sfondrini Provincial Council (3) Partito Socialista Italiano Italian
Franz Spögler Provincial Council SVP German
Heinold Steger Provincial Council (4) SVP German
Karl Vaja Provincial Council (4) SVP German
Anton Zelger Provincial Council SVP German
Amerigo Finato Substitute State Council / State Council (2) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Waltraud Gebert-Deeg Substitute Provincial Councilor SVP German

(1) Deputy governor from November 10, 1971
(2) Valentino Pasqualin was regional councilor until May 14, 1970, then again from December 19, 1972.
(3) From May 15, 1970
(4) Karl Vaja replaced him on May 30 , 1972 January 1973 Heinold Steger, who had previously resigned.
(5) Amerigo Finato was substitute state councilor until May 14, 1970, and then state councilor until his death on November 22, 1972.

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