Cabinet Durnwalder I

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The Durnwalder I cabinet was the tenth South Tyrolean provincial government . It was the first cabinet under the long-time Governor Luis Durnwalder . The cabinet was in office from March 17, 1989 to February 10, 1994. It was elected by the South Tyrolean Parliament in its composition after the 1988 elections .


Surname Office Political party Language group
Luis Durnwalder Governor SVP German
Otto Saurer Deputy Governor SVP German
Remo Ferretti Deputy Governor (1) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Giancarlo Bolognini Regional Councilor / Deputy Governor (2) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Erich Achmüller Provincial Council SVP German
Franz Alber Provincial Council SVP German
Werner Frick Provincial Council SVP German
Bruno Hosp Provincial Council SVP German
Alois Kofler Provincial Council SVP German
Sepp Mayr Provincial Council SVP German
Alessandro Pellegrini Provincial Council (1) Democrazia Cristiana Italian
Giuseppe Sfondrini Provincial Council Partito Socialista Italiano Italian
Hugo Valentin Provincial Council (3) SVP ladin

(1) On February 16, 1993, the Landtag accepted the resignation of the Provincial Council and Deputy Governor Remo Ferretti and elected Alessandro Pellegrini to the Provincial Council.
(2) On March 2, 1993, Giancarlo Bolognini was appointed Deputy Governor.
(3) On November 9, 1993, the Landtag elected Hugo Valentin to the Provincial Council of the Ladin language group in order to adapt the composition of the Provincial Government to the language groups represented in the Landtag.

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