Cabinet Durnwalder V

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The Durnwalder V cabinet was the XIV. South Tyrolean provincial government and at the same time the fifth under the chairmanship of Governor Luis Durnwalder . The cabinet was in office from December 18, 2008 to January 8, 2014. It was elected by the South Tyrolean Parliament in its composition after the 2008 elections .


Surname Office Political party Language group Department
Luis Durnwalder Governor SVP German Local bodies, fire and civil protection, forestry, agricultural testing; from January 2013 also agriculture
Hans Berger 1. Deputy governor SVP German Tourism, Agriculture, Land Register and Cadastre; from July 2012 additional spatial planning, nature and landscape protection; resigned in January 2013
Richard Theiner 1. Deputy governor SVP German Health, Social Welfare, and Family; from January 2013 Deputy Governor
Christian Tommasini 2. Deputy governor PD Italian Housing, Italian culture, school and vocational training
Roberto Bizzo Provincial Council PD Italian from February 2010 innovation, cooperatives, information technology, labor, finance and household
Sabina Kasslatter Mur Provincial Councilor SVP German Preservation of monuments, promoting education, universities and research and museums, German culture, schools and vocational training
Michl Laimer Provincial Council SVP German Spatial planning, the environment, energy, nature and landscape protection; resigned in June 2012
Florian Mussner Provincial Council SVP ladin Asset management and public buildings, Ladin school and culture; from July 2012 onwards the environment and energy
Elmar Pichler role Provincial Council SVP German from February 2013 spatial planning, nature and landscape protection, land register and cadastre
Barbara Repetto Provincial Councilor PD Italian Innovation, IT, Labor, Italian Vocational Training, Cooperatives, Finance and Budget; retired in January 2010
Thomas Widmann Provincial Council SVP German Economy, personnel and mobility


In February 2010, Regional Councilor Barbara Repetto was replaced by Roberto Bizzo after the Court of Cassation in Rome had ruled that Repetto was ineligible for election to the South Tyrolean Parliament. The verdict led to Repetto's departure from the state parliament, whereupon Bizzo was the first non-elected member of the Partito Democratico to take over Repetto's mandate and her seat in the state government.

District Councilor Michl Laimer resigned as District Councilor in June 2012 after initiating judicial proceedings for abuse of office. His areas of responsibility were taken over by the state councilors Hans Berger and Florian Mussner without any replacement.

On January 14, 2013, Deputy Governor Hans Berger resigned due to a parliamentary candidacy. He was replaced on February 5, 2013 by Elmar Pichler Rolle , who took over part of Berger's responsibilities. Regional Councilor Richard Theiner took over the office of Deputy Governor . Further areas of competence from the Bergers department were transferred to Provincial Councilor Thomas Widmann and Provincial Governor Durnwalder.

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