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Karel Berka (born May 4, 1923 in Břeclav ; † November 24, 2004 ) was a Czech philosopher .


The son of a professor of mathematics and physics attended grammar school in Brno ; however, school attendance was interrupted by imprisonment in various concentration camps. From 1948 to 1951 Berka studied at the philosophical faculty of the musical arts and received a PhDr in 1952 . with work grammar and logic . From 1951 to 1955 he worked as a teacher in schools in the Gablonz region , switched to the philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague in 1955 and became a CSc in 1957. doctorate, habilitated at the faculty with his work Study on Aristotelian Logic and was appointed lecturer in 1965. From 1962 to 1963 he worked at the Humboldt University in Berlin , in the summer semester from 1967 to 1968 as a visiting professor at the University of Leipzig and in 1969 as a visiting professor at the Pennsylvania State University . From 1968 to 1991 he headed the scientific department of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences in the category Theory and Methodical Sciences. In 1981 Berka was appointed Doctor of Science ( DrSc. ), And in 1989 Professor of Logic.


He dealt with various problems of logic, its methodology, philosophy and scientific theory. He was particularly interested in the history of logic, starting with Aristotle , ancient logical statements, the interpretation of logic and philosophy by Bernard Bolzano and the development of modern logic based on the works of Gottlob Frege , Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein .


A number of his publications have been published abroad with great success. In addition, Berka headed the Bulletin Theory and Methodology for years and was a member of various editorial teams in Germany and abroad. His translations in the field of cybernetics, logic and philosophical sciences are also extensive.

Collaboration in magazines

  • Filozofie Česká
  • Československá informatika
  • The Problems of Science of Science
  • Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of Science and Humanities


Reference books

  • O vzniku logiky, 1959
  • K dějinám výrokové logiky v antice, 1959
  • Co je logika (co-author Miroslav Mleziva ), 1962
  • Aristotle, 1966
  • Škály měření, 1972, angl. 1982
  • Teorie očekávaného užitku, 1974
  • Měření: Pojmy, teorie, Genealogie, 1977, English 1983, Russian 1987
  • Využití logiky v propagandistické praxi, 1978
  • Logika (co-author Miroslav Jauris ), 1978
  • Co víte o moderní logice (co-author Vladimír Čechák , Ivo Zapletal ), 1981
  • Bernard Bolzano, 1981
  • Logika a metodologie pro žurnalisty (co-author Jarmila Rybová ), 1988
  • Stručné dějiny logiky, 1994

Collective works

  • Teorie tříd in Moderní logika, 1958
  • Pragmatism, in Současná západní filosofie, 1958
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  • RM Hare, H. Barnes, H. Chadwick in Zakladatelé myšlení, 1994.

German-language publications

  • Logic texts . (Co-author Lothar Kreiser ), Berlin 1972, 1986, Darmstadt 1982
  • On the Aristotelian doctrine of deductive structure of science, Aristotle as a science theorist . Berlin 1983
  • Bolzano's doctrine of natural reasoning in Bolzano's Wissenschaftslehre 1837–1987 . 1992
  • On the problem of the peripathetic inferences “kat'analogian” . German journal for philosophy (DZPh). 1958
  • About some problems of the interpretation of the Aristotelian theory of categories in Studia antiqua . (Budapest) 1960
  • On the subject of formal logic and methodology . DZPh 1965
  • Logic and “ontology” . DZPh 1967
  • Lambert's Contribution to Measurement Theory . Organon (Warszawa) 1973
  • Remarks on Bolzano's logic of probability . DZPh 1981


  • 1978 Silver Palacky badge
  • 1983 Golden Palacky badge


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