Karl Bergmann (politician)

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Karl Hermann Bergmann (born June 7, 1907 in Duisburg , † August 21, 1979 in Essen ) was a German SPD politician .

Life and work

Shortly after the birth, he and his parents moved from Duisburg to Essen. There he attended elementary school, where he trained as a hammer at the Langenbrahm colliery and later worked as an apprentice shooting master . In 1928 he moved to the Ludwig mine , where he became chairman of the works council in 1945 . From 1946 he was the full-time managing director of IG Bergbau in Essen. From 1972, after his political activities, he was chairman of the Coop West AG consumer cooperative .

Political party

Since 1921 he was a member of the Socialist Workers' Youth and joined the SPD in 1926. During the Weimar Republic he was a member of the district executive committee. In 1933 he became chairman of the socialist youth workers in Groß-Essen. In 1945 he participated in the reconstruction of the SPD in Essen and in 1946 became a member of the sub-district executive committee. On February 6, 1946, he became a member of the Essen City Council .


Bergmann was a member of the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia from 1946 to 1950 . He had been a member of the German Bundestag from the first federal election in 1949 to 1972 . He represented the Essen II constituency in parliament.

From February 27, 1958 to January 21, 1970 Bergmann was also a member of the European Parliament .


The Karl-Bergmann-Haus of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt in Essen is named after Bergmann . In 1968 he was awarded the Great Cross of Merit with Star of the Federal Republic of Germany, in 1972 the Great Cross of Merit with Star .


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