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Karsten Dusse (pronounced: Düss ; born April 30, 1973 in Essen ) is a German lawyer . He became known nationwide as a television and bestselling book author .


Dusse comes from a family of lawyers. After graduating from the Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Essen, he served in the army and navy for one year each . He then studied law in Bonn and Lausanne and completed his legal clerkship in Bonn and Los Angeles. In 2003 Dusse was admitted to practice as a freelance lawyer in Bonn. Today he focuses on tenancy and property law.


Dusse was already working in the media industry when he was still a student, among other things as a cable carrier and heating-up in the run-up to TV productions. His interest in television had awakened Hans Meiser , whom he was allowed to accompany on Mallorca because of a WAZ campaign . Dusse later also worked as a radio presenter, including for SWR3 , and as a television writer. For example, he developed the casting show “ Millionärswahl ” broadcast on ProSieben .

Dusse became known nationwide as the street reporter “Wulf Assols” of the “ Freitag Nacht News ”, a comedy format of the TV station RTL. Further appearances followed, including in “ Anke Late Night ”, “ Judge Barbara Salesch ” and “ Verklag mich noch! ". His work as a lead author for “ Ladykracher ” and other formats was awarded the German Television Prize and the German Comedy Prize and was nominated for the Grimme Prize .

In recent years Dusse has worked primarily as a book author: In 2015, Piper Verlag published a “Handbook for the Rule of Law” under the title “Halbwissen eines Volljuristen”. Another entertaining non-fiction book followed in 2019 with “Getting Right: 15 Legal Stories You Can Use for Yourself”. In between (2017) Dusse wrote a collection of articles on the consequences of political populism on our society.

In 2019 Dusse published his first novel in Heyne Verlag , which the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, among others, described as an "exciting and funny crime debut". In “Mindful Murder”, a lawyer, at the insistence of his wife, completes mindfulness training to save his marriage and applies what he has learned to his life in an unusual way. The audio book, published by Random House Audio , received the German Audio Book Prize 2020.


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