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Federal district Central Russia
Oblast Yaroslavl
Rajon Yaroslavsky
Height of the center 110  m
Time zone UTC + 3
Telephone code (+7) 4852
Post Code 150527
License Plate 76
OKATO 78 250 850 012
Geographical location
Coordinates 57 ° 29 '  N , 40 ° 3'  E Coordinates: 57 ° 28 '30 "  N , 40 ° 2' 30"  E
Kogajewo (European Russia)
Red pog.svg
Location in the western part of Russia
Kogajewo (Yaroslavl Oblast)
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Location in Yaroslavl Oblast

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Kogajewo ( Russian Когаево ) is a village (derevnja) in the Yaroslavl Oblast in Russia .


The place belongs to the Jaroslawski rajon and is about 20 km as the crow flies southeast of the center of the Oblast and Rajon administrative center of Yaroslavl on both sides of the Shaksha, a small left tributary of the Tunoschonka . This in turn flows into the Volga about 10 km north-northeast of Kogajewo from the right , not far from the village of Tunoschna , the seat of the rural community of the same name (Tunoschenskoje selskoje posselenije), to which Kogajewo belongs. In the 2010 census, the place had nine permanent residents.

There is a road connection to the village of Mokejewskoje , just under 5 km northeast, where the regional road 78K-0019 from Tunoschna to Burmakino passes; at Mokejewskoje there is also the Lyutino station on the Yaroslavl - Kostroma  - Galitsch railway line .

The winter sports area of Shaksha is two kilometers south of Kogajewo .

History and personalities

The hamlet of Kogajewo (at that time also Kagajewo, Кагаево ), corresponding to today's district on the right of the Shaksha, as well as the district on the left bank as the village of Nikolskoje belonged to the noble family Saltykow from the 17th century until the October Revolution . To distinguish it from other places of the same name, the latter was also unofficially referred to as Nikolskoje-Saltykowo. From the 18th century it was the seat of a Volost in the Ujesd Yaroslavl of the Yaroslavl governorate .

In the village there was the manor house of the Saltykows, a stone church built in 1708, which was dedicated to the image of the Savior (Russian: Spas Nerukotworny ) , which was not made by human hands , and the family crypt . There were, among others, the Field Marshal Pyotr Saltykov (1698-1773, born in Nikolskoye / Kogajewo) and his son, Field Marshal Ivan Saltykov buried (1730-1805). In the Soviet era all buildings were destroyed and demolished; the tomb has not been preserved. The former location of the manor house was marked by a stone cross in 2006.

Individual evidence

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