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Konrad Morgenroth (2015)

Konrad Morgenroth (born October 30, 1937 in Königsberg (Prussia) ) is a German emeritus for pathology.


As the son of a doctor and dentist of the same name Konrad Morgenroth (1909-1970) Morgenroth started school in Königsberg in 1943. The family fled to West Germany before the advancing Red Army . In Hattingen Morgenroth came to the mathematical and natural science high school Waldstrasse Hattingen . In 1955 he switched to the CJD Jugenddorf-Christophorus School in Oberurff . There he passed the final exam on March 13, 1957. He began to study medicine and dentistry at the University of Hamburg . Since his father in Konigsberg Corps Littuania had been active, renoncierte the son in the Corps Albertina. The reception was inactivated on July 27, 1957. On July 29, 1958 , Morgenroth switched to the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU). His father had a teaching position at the local dental clinic. Morgenroth he also joined the Corps Guestphalia Halle , which was then based in Münster . He passed the medical examination on March 3, 1960 and the preliminary dental examination on October 18, 1960. With an interruption of one semester at the University of Innsbruck , he completed his clinical studies in Münster. On July 19, 1963, he passed the medical state examination. Three days later he was promoted to Dr. med. PhD. In addition to his work as a medical assistant , he worked for Hermann Themann and Gerhard Pfefferkorn at the Institute for Medical Physics at WWU. 1966 as a doctor approved , he became a research assistant to William Giese in the Münster pathology. In 1969 he completed his habilitation in Münster. In 1971 he became a specialist doctor and private lecturer . Under the new full professor Ekkehard Grundmann , he was appointed associate professor in 1972. In October 1974 he followed the call of the Ruhr University Bochum to her chair for pathology . In March 2003, emeritus , to Morgenroth 2005 moved all the way back from the university life. He has been married to the medical-technical assistant Rita born in 1964. Wesling. With her he has three sons and a daughter.

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