Control Council Act No. 1 regarding the repeal of Nazi law

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By the Allied Control Council issued Control Council Law . No one on the setting aside of Nazi law from the 20th September 1945 (in short: Control Council Law No. 1. ) Numerous mentioned by name except laws of were National Socialist regime canceled, including any additional legislation, implementing rules, regulations and orders . It was also expressly no longer allowed to apply a German legal decree that could discriminate against someone “on the basis of their race, nationality, belief or opposition to the National Socialist German Workers' Party or their teachings”.

The Enabling Act was from 1933, the Weimar Constitution superimposed or the functioning of the institutions of the Republic. Its abolition would theoretically have allowed the republican state order to continue. But the abundance of power of the Allied Control Council and the individual occupying powers again stood above the old provisions of the imperial constitution.

For the Federal Republic of Germany , the Control Council Act No. 1 ended when the First Act to Repeal the Occupation Law of May 30, 1956 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 437) came into force. For the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the Control Council Act No. 1 was repealed by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on September 20, 1955 .

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