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Korbovo main square

Korbovo does not have a coat of arms
Korbovo (Serbia)
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Basic data
State : Serbia
Okrug : boron
Opština : Kladovo
Coordinates : 44 ° 31 '  N , 22 ° 42'  E Coordinates: 44 ° 31 '14 "  N , 22 ° 42' 17"  E
Height : 49  m. i. J.
Residents : 735 (2011)
Telephone code : (+381) 019
Postal code : 19329
License plate : KL
Structure and administration
Community type: Village
Mayor : Predrag Đorđević

Korbovo ( Serbian-Cyrillic : Корбово) is a village in the Bor District belonging Opština Kladovo in eastern Serbia .


Korbovo is one of the largest villages in the Ključ region. The village is on the remains of an early Neolithic settlement . Traces of settlement have also been found from the early Iron Age and ancient times . The remains of an ancient (presumably Roman ) city have been discovered on the banks of the Danube.

In the 17th and early 18th centuries, cholera raged in the Ključ and Timočka Krajina regions, with Korbovo being the hardest hit and many deaths in the village.

During a plague epidemic , many residents moved away and founded a new village on the opposite side of the Danube, called Ostrova Korbova , the residents returned later. The village of Ostrovu Corbului still exists today and politically belongs to Romania. Today's Korbovo was renewed at the beginning of the 18th century by new settlers from Wallachia and the neighboring villages. In 1723 the village consisted of 96 houses and was called Korbov .

Geography and population

The village is located in the Opština Kladovo , in the Okrug Bor , in the Ključ region in the Timočka Krajina in the east of the country. The place is 49 m above sea level.

A field on the way from Korbovo to Kladovo

The village is located on the banks of the Danube , which here forms the border between Serbia and the eastern neighbor of Romania . Korbovo is located southeast of the municipality capital Kladovo.

The population of the village professes to the Serbian Orthodox Churches and is mainly of Serbian ethnicity. It lives, but also a small Wallachian minority in the place. Korbovo has been experiencing a decline in population that has persisted for decades, while at the 2011 census, only 735 people lived in the village, compared with 1,892 people in 1948. The village consists of 378 households.


year population
1948 1892
1953 2076
1961 2055
1971 1930
1981 1755
1991 1481
2002 1067
2011 735


There are two Serbian Orthodox churches in Korbovo . The Church of St. Venerable Mother Petka Paraskeva, of an unknown date of construction. And the newer church of St. Apostles Peter and Paul , built between 1932 and 1937. The churches belong to the Ključ deanery of the Timok Eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Danube bank at Korbovo


Korbovo has a post office.



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