Administrative district in Serbia

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The administrative districts ( Serbian Управни окрузи Upravni okruzi ) in Serbia are the local areas of responsibility of those state administrative authorities that carry out individual administrative tasks outside the offices of the ministries.

Establishment and organization

The establishment of the administrative districts is provided for in the law on state administration, which was carried out in detail by the ordinance on the administrative districts. The local area of ​​responsibility of the administrative districts is defined by the territories of several municipalities. In addition, one municipality in the administrative district was designated as the central administrative headquarters, in which the ministries usually set up their branch offices.

The administrative districts are each headed by a senior official who is appointed by the government for five years and in particular coordinates and supervises the activities of the branch offices.


The branch offices in the administrative districts can be assigned one or more of the following tasks by means of the service regulations of the relevant, relevant ministries, of which use is usually made:

  1. first instance decision in administrative matters
  2. Decision on contradictions in administrative matters if a non-state administrative authority has decided in the first instance
  3. Oversight of non-governmental administrative authorities

Administrative districts

Since all ministries have their headquarters in the capital Belgrade , their territory is not covered by any administrative district. The Republic of Kosovo has its own division of its districts .

Districts of Central Serbia
Central Serbia
Name of the administrative district Serbian name Administrative headquarters
Okrug Bor Борски округ boron
Okrug Braničevo Браничевски округ Požarevac
Okrug Jablanica Јабланички округ Leskovac
Okrug Kolubara Колубарски округ Valjevo
Okrug Mačva Мачвански округ Sabac
Okrug Moravica Моравички округ Čačak
Okrug Nišava Нишавски округ Niš
Okrug Pčinja Пчињски округ Vranje
Okrug Pirot Пиротски округ Pirot
Okrug Podunavlje Подунавски округ Smederevo
Okrug Pomoravlje Поморавски округ Jagodina
Okrug Raška Рашки округ Kraljevo
Okrug Rasina Расински округ Kruševac
Okrug Sumadija Шумадијски округ Kragujevac
Okrug Toplica Топлички округ Prokuplje
Okrug Zaječar Зајечарски округ Zaječar
Okrug Zlatibor Златиборски округ Užice
Districts in Vojvodina
Name of the administrative district Serbian name Administrative headquarters
Okrug Severna Bačka Северно-Бачки округ Subotica
Okrug Južna Bačka Јужно-Бачки округ Novi Sad
Okrug Zapadna Bačka Западно-Бачки округ Sombor
Okrug Severni Banat Северно-Банатски округ Kikinda
Okrug Srednji Banat Средње-Банатски округ Zrenjanin
Okrug Južni Banat Јужно-Банатски округ Pančevo
Okrug Srem Сремски округ Sremska Mitrovica