Opština Kladovo

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Општина Кладово
Opština Kladovo
Municipality of Kladovo
Coat of arms of the municipality Flag of the municipality
coat of arms flag
Location of the municipality in Serbia
Part of the country Central Serbia
Okrug boron
Administrative headquarters Kladovo
surface 629 km²
Residents 23,613
Population density 37 inhabitants per km²
License Plate KL
Website www.kladovo.org.yu

The Opština Kladovo ( Cyrillic : Општина Кладово , German : Municipality of Kladovo ) is an Opština in Okrug Bor in eastern Serbia . The administrative capital is the city of the same name, Kladovo .


The municipality is located in the northern part of the Timočka Krajina region . The area over which the municipality extends is characterized by mountains.

Boundaries and territory

The northern, northeastern, northwestern, eastern and southeastern natural borders with neighboring Romania are formed by the Danube River . In the west the territory of the municipality borders on the Opština Majdanpek and in the south on the Opština Negotin .

Romania Romania Romania
Opština Majdanpek Neighboring communities Romania
Opština Negotin & Opština Majdanpek Opština Negotin Romania

Cities and villages


According to the 2002 census (self-denomination) there were 23,622 inhabitants in the municipality of Kladovo. Of which were:

number percent
total 23,622   100
Serbs 21,130 89.49
Montenegrins 572 2.42
Wallachians (Romanians south of the Danube) 568 2.40
Others ( Bulgarians , Romanians etc.) 1,352 5.69


Tabula Traiana at the Iron Gate

Since the city of Kladovo , which is also the capital of this municipality, is in the immediate vicinity of the Iron Gate hydropower plant (Serbian: Đerdap ) , the municipality is a popular tourist destination. But the many archaeological sites and hiking trails through the mountains are also popular with tourists, nationally and internationally.

There are also remains of the famous Trajan's Bridge , which was built by the Romans across the Danube.

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