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The Cuba cycling tour (Spanish Vuelta Ciclística a Cuba ) was a multi-day road race that was held a total of 35 times in February in Cuba between 1964 and 2010 . The tour of Cuba was part of the America Tour of the World Cycling Association UCI and classified in category 2.2.

The route traditionally led from Baracoa , Cuba's easternmost city, with stage arrivals in the larger cities of Guantánamo , Santiago de Cuba , Holguín , Las Tunas , Camagüey , Ciego de Ávila , Sancti Spíritus , Santa Clara and Cienfuegos to the destination in Havana . The route changes from year to year, so that smaller cities such as Morón are also served. Mountain arrivals can be found in the Escambray Mountains ( Topes de Collantes ). The tour begins with the drive over the La Farola pass road from Baracoa to Guantánamo.

The only German overall winner was Olaf Jentzsch (1983).

The tour often had to be canceled for economic reasons, for example in 1970, 1975, 1982, continuously in the period 1990–1999 (so-called " special period ") and again since 2011.


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