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An art guide is a guide (reference work) that deals in depth with the art of a region and is mostly used by cultural tourists . Since art, above all, was often of a sacred nature in the past , a subgenre of its own has developed here with the church leader . If only the art presented in an exhibition is described, one speaks of an exhibition catalog .


With the advent of tourism , the interest in information about the sights to be found on a trip or an excursion grew . One of the first art guides was the description of the royal capital and residence city of Prague from 1794–1797, including all the interesting sights by Jaroslaus Schaller . The Handbuch der Deutschen Kunstdenkmäler by Georg Dehio has been available in several editions in Germany since 1905 , on which the Reclam publishing house later also relied with its art guides published from 1957.

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In addition to printed books, there are now an increasing number of audio guides that can be borrowed or listened to with a mobile phone . Information can also be called up on the smartphone .

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