Leopold III. (Lip)

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Leopold III. to the lip

Friedrich Emil Leopold III. (* September 1, 1821 in Detmold ; † December 8, 1875 there ) was Prince of Lippe .


Leopold, the eldest son of Leopold II, was almost 30 years old when he took office. He had studied at the University of Bonn , where the poet Ernst Moritz Arndt greeted the tall, blond, blue-eyed youth as an old Cheruscan prince . Until he took office, he was an officer in the Prussian Gardes du Corps . From September 2, 1873, Leopold was lieutenant general of the cavalry and from August 16, 1875 chief of the infantry regiment "Graf Bülow von Dennewitz" (6th Westphalian) No. 55 . In addition, Leopold had been a Knight of the Black Eagle Order since January 17, 1867 .

As a strictly conservative , he was an opponent of the March Revolution . He therefore soon dissolved the state parliament and, by decree of March 15, 1853, repealed the constitution of 1849 and reintroduced the constitution of 1836, although he was advised against it. The liberal party fumed over this coup d'état , while the prince took the position that he had neither initiated nor approved, let alone sworn to the constitution forced by the revolution. He then replaced his cabinet councilors with the ingloriously well-known Dr. Hannibal Fischer , the highly conservative “fleet fisherman”, who continued to make himself and the government extremely unpopular. His successor, the conservative minister Alexander von Oheimb , was nevertheless a great success in negotiating with the estates by separating the state and domanial budget in the interests of the prince and gaining recognition of the estates for the fact that the domain was the private property of the princely family was recognized. In general, however, the constitutional controversy continued, and the liberal opposition became even more excited about von Oheimb's success, making the prince's life angry and embittering him, while the rift between conservatives and liberals, between town and country, deepened. This certainly hurt the prince, for he was considered affable and friendly. Everyone had access to his weekly audiences .

His marriage to Princess Elisabeth von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (born October 1, 1833, married on April 17, 1852, † November 27, 1896) remained childless. Nevertheless he was very fond of children and brought a large crowd of children to the castle every Christmas.

Shortly before his death, in 1875, he saw the inauguration of the Hermann monument by Kaiser Wilhelm I. Shortly afterwards, he was attacked by a severe gallbladder and liver disease. He died after a stroke on December 8, 1875.


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