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Reading for Beer is a literary event format in which texts are presented in an improvised manner. The idea for this comes from the author Lucas Fassnacht , who held the first event under this name in October 2013 in Nuremberg .


The audience brings texts of any kind to the event and hands them in at the entrance, the texts are then read by the host and his guest without knowing the texts beforehand. After each lecture, which is around five minutes long, depending on the text, the audience can vote on whether they liked the text itself or the lecture better. This is usually done with the help of an applause vote. Depending on how the vote turns out, the viewer who brought the text or the speaker receives a beer.


Regular "Reading for Beer" events take place or have taken place in Erlangen , Jena , Berlin , Leipzig , Erfurt , Heidelberg , Hamburg , Nuremberg, Ansbach , Mannheim , Bremen , Krefeld , Wülfrath , Wesel and Augsburg . The series is also being carried out in Switzerland, in Olten and Lucerne . Most of the organizers of "Reading for Beer" are actors from the poetry slam scene.

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