List of cultural monuments in Igel (Mosel)

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The list of cultural monuments in Igel contains all the cultural monuments of the Rhineland-Palatinate community of Igel, including the district of Liersberg . The basis is the list of monuments of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (as of June 6, 2017).

Individual monuments

designation location Construction year description image
railway station Igel, Bahnhofstrasse 7
around 1913 Station building: one and a half story angular building with interpenetrating mansard roofs, around 1913; Extension after 1919: clinker brick building with flat roof in typical forms; Goods hall with hipped roof railway station
Old Catholic Parish Church of St. Dionysius Hedgehog, Hohler Weg
1758/59 Baroque hall, 1758/59, Romanesque tower from the 12th century; Associated walled rock spur and churchyard with cemetery cross, processional altar and grave crosses from the 18th and 19th centuries Old Catholic Parish Church of St. Dionysiusmore pictures
Old rectory Igel, Moselstrasse 6
early 18th century baroque courtyard, early 18th century
Igeler pillar Igel, Trierer Strasse
at 250 Roman pillar tomb of the Secondinians, around 250; associated with the rear retaining wall, the slope area adjoining the church with staircases on both sides and the new flank buildings Igeler pillarmore pictures
Castle house Igel, Trierer Straße 30
17th century former yard of the Igel estate; Parallel courtyard; Courtyard house with corner towers, the core from the 17th century, renovation towards the beginning of the 18th century Castle house
Residential building Igel, Trierer Straße 61
1787 Baroque-classical hipped roof building, 1787 Residential building
Catholic Parish Church of St. Dionysius Igel, Trierer Straße, between No. 61 and No. 63
1953/54 three-aisled hall church, 1953/54, architect Peter Marx , Trier
Bird cross Igel, Waldstrasse, at No. 5
Late 17th century Crucifixion shrine, late 17th century Bird cross
Crossroads "On the Schleet" Igel, north of the village on the K 1 on the Lage high plateau
1853 Regional and time-typical sandstone column, marked 1853, sandstone cross with an iron body, in a small system Crossroads "On the Schleet"
Flour Tree Cross Igel, east of the village on the B 49
1678 Pillar shrine, marked 1678, partial renewal marked 1786 Flour Tree Cross
Grutenhäuschen Hedgehog, west of the village in the vineyard
Late 3rd century Roman grave temple, end of the 3rd century Grutenhäuschenmore pictures
Rock inscription Hedgehog, west of the village
after 1847 inscription carved into the rock; Contemporary document, after 1847
Lady Chapel Liersberg, Bergstrasse, corner of Hofstrasse
at the end of the 19th century neo-Gothic, late 19th century; Wayside cross, marked 1818
Laurentius Chapel Liersberg, Mühlenstrasse
at the end of the 19th century at the end of the 19th century
Catholic parish church of St. Laurentius Liersberg, Mühlenstraße 5
1686 Hall building, 1686, extension 1846, choir tower 1960; associated old churchyard
Cross house Liersberg, Mühlenstraße 14
second half of the 18th century The core is a late baroque transverse house, marked 1870
Wayside cross Liersberg, north west of the town on the K 2 at the forest edge
1810 Pillar cross, marked 1810


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