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The list of city leaders of Stuttgart contains the city leaders of Stuttgart . Over the centuries, these have had various official titles. During the time of the Duchy of Württemberg , the official title was Vogt . Shortly before it was founded and during the Kingdom of Württemberg , three different official designations were used, from 1799 to 1811 mayor of the city , from 1811 to 1819 city ​​director and from 1819 to 1918 city ​​councilor . Stadtschultheiß was also the official title between 1918 and 1930. The title of Lord Mayor was a royal honorary title between 1819 and 1918 . With the adoption of the Württemberg municipal code in 1930, the title of mayor was finally introduced.

Surname from to Official title Remarks image
Christian Heinrich von Günzler 1799 1804 Mayor 1758–1842
Christian Heinrich von Günzler
Gottfried Eberhard Hoffmann 1805 1811 Mayor
Karl Eberhard von Wächter 1811 1813 City Director 1758–1829
1816–1817 Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom of Württemberg
Karl Friedrich von Dizinger 1813 1819 City Director 1774-1842
Willibald Feuerlein 1820 1833 City school hot 1781–1850
March 1, 1822: Awarded the honorary title of Lord Mayor
Willibald Feuerlein
Georg Gottlob von Gutbrod 1833 1861 City school hot 1791–1861
civil servant
Heinrich von Sick 1862 1872 City school hot 1822–1881
Honorary title of Mayor.
1872–1881 Minister of the Interior of the Kingdom of Württemberg
Heinrich von Sick
Theophil Friedrich von Hack 1872 1892 City school hot 1843–1911
civil servant
honorary title mayor
Emil von Rümelin 1893 1899 City school hot 1846–1899 Tax
Awarded the honorary title of Lord Mayor on September 24, 1893
Emil von Rümelin
Heinrich von Gauss 1899 1911 City school hot 1858–1921
honorary title of mayor
Heinrich von Gauss
Karl Lautenschlager 1911 1933 Stadtschultheiß
Lord Mayor
First Mayor of Stuttgart with the official title of Lord Mayor
Karl Strölin 1933 1945 Lord Mayor 1890–1963
Party: NSDAP
Karl Strölin, 1938
Arnulf Klett 1945 1974 Lord Mayor 1905–1974
Party: independent
Arnulf Klett (second from left)
Manfred Rommel 1974 1997 Lord Mayor 1928–2013
Party: CDU
Manfred Rommel
Wolfgang Schuster 1997 2013 Lord Mayor 1949
Party: CDU
Fritz Kuhn 2013 Lord Mayor 1955
Party: Alliance 90 / The Greens
Fritz Kuhn

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