List of Winnie the Pooh characters

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The list of Winnie the Pooh characters lists all characters from the books about Pooh the Bear and the Disney adaptation .


Winnie the Pooh / Winnie the Pooh

Winnie-the-Pooh ( bourgeois Edward Bear ), or Winnie the Pooh in the Disney version , also briefly Pu (uh) ( English Winnie-the-Pooh called) is the eponymous main character. He is an anthropomorphic , gentle, cuddly, and lovable teddy bear . Although he is a naive bear "of little mind", he is a friendly, thoughtful, sometimes almost philosophical fellow who is always ready to help his friends and do his best. Pooh is very greedy and loves honey and (in the books too) canned milk .

In the books, Pooh is a talented poet ; the chapters are pervaded by his poems and "hums". He's humble and doesn't think he's smart either, but he's content with his life.

At Disney, Pooh has a soft voice and wears a red shirt. His catchphrases are "Oh dear" and "Think, think, think".

Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin ( English Christopher Robin ) is the only human character in the books and is based on the son of the same name by AA Milne . He's a consistently happy person with a compassionate personality who likes to look after others.

Clues are scattered across the books that Christopher Robin is growing. These culminate at the end of "Pooh builds a house" when he is about to start school and his friends say goodbye to him. He and Pooh have a long, private goodbye in which Pooh promises to never forget Christopher Robin.

In the Disney version, Christopher Robin goes to day school (except in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ) and is ten years old. In My Friends Tigger and Pooh , his best friend is a girl named Darby.


Piglet ( English Piglet ) is best next to Christopher Robin Pus friend. In the books, it's a frightened little animal that is afraid of many things. However, in some chapters, when confronted with a danger, it is shown to be very courageous when encouraged by others (mostly Pooh). Piglet loves "heicheln".

In the Disney version, Piglet is kind, gentle, and usually quite shy , but with Pooh by his side, he overcomes any fear. Piglet lives in a beech tree that likes to keep it clean and tidy. It can sing very well and its catchphrase is "Oh you mm-my goodness!"


I-Aah ( English Eeyore ), in some translations also I-Ah , is a sarcastic , pessimistic and gloomy donkey and one of Pu’s friends. I-Aah keeps losing his tail, which is only attached with a nail. He lives in a house made of sticks that (at Disney as a running gag) collapses again and again and has to be rebuilt.

At Disney, Eeyore is slower and more cautious than the others, and is often reluctant to go out with them; however, he doesn't try to oppose them because he thinks it's pointless. His slogan is "Thank you for noticing me."


Kanga , also Kangaroo , ( English Kanga ) is a kangaroo and Ruh's mother. The two live in a house near the sand pit, where Ruh plays in the north-western part of the forest. Kanga is the only female character in the books and was based on a stuffed animal.

In Chapter VII of Pooh the Pooh, Kanga and Ruh move into the 100 acre forest . At first everyone thinks kanga is a dangerous animal, but then they find out that they are wrong. In Pu Builds a House , Kanga takes Tiger in and has treated him like her own son ever since.

Kanga is kind, calm, patient, and docile. She likes to organize and keep things clean, and provides maternal advice and food to anyone who asks her. She protects Ruh almost obsessively and educates him with gentle admonitions and gentle discipline. She also seems to have a sense of humor.

In the Disney adaptations, Kanga's personality is almost unchanged, only it gives Ruh more freedom, which means that Kanga takes a back seat in the plot. In addition, in this version Tigger lives in his own house, but visits Kanga and Ruh often.


Ruh or Klein-Ruh ( English Roo ) is Kanga's happy, playful and energetic child who moved into the 100-acre forest with her. Although it is not certain whether Ruh is male or female, as it is different in the books and films.

At Disney, his best friend is a Heffalump named Lumpy. Ruh is the youngest of the main characters.

Rabbit / rabbit

Rabbit , in the Disney version Rabbit and Tigger Schlappohr and Rabby called ( English Rabbit for rabbit ), is a figure that is not based on a stuffed animal. Milne invented them based on the animals living in the Ashdown Forest. Rabbit is friendly but can also be impatient and irritable. It thinks it's the smartest animal in the forest because it's not as bumbling as an owl. Rabbit loves to do things his own way and is obsessed with rules, plans, and order. It orders its friends around sometimes, but at heart it cares about them.

At Disney, it's proud of its garden and doesn't like it when others disturb it. Rabbit loves gardening, cleaning, and magic tricks.

Tiger / Tigger

Tiger or Tigger at Disney ( English Tigger ) is Pu's exuberant, hyperactive and happy tiger friend. He loves to jump, to jump on others too, to have fun and is so cocky that he thinks every task is what he does best. He is Ruh's best friend and something of a brother to him in the books.

At Disney, Tigger pronounces words incorrectly and often causes chaos through his well-intentioned actions. But he shows himself to be tough, fearless, optimistic and resourceful; he regularly takes care of rest when Kanga is not there. His catchphrase is "Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo".

He often uses nicknames for the others. That's what he calls Pooh B. "Kumpelbär", Rabbit "Schlappohr" and Eeyore "Donkey ear".


Owl or sometimes Oile ( English Owl ) is probably the most talkative main character who likes to act as a mentor or teacher. Owl is not based on a stuffed animal, which is why it looks normal in the illustrations.

Owl and most of the others think he's the most intelligent in the forest, but he's actually quite scattered. He often makes long speeches and uses words his friends don't understand. Although Owl likes to present himself as knowledgeable, he misspellings most words; he even spells his own name Oile .

In the books, owl has a superior but kind manner towards others. He can be upset, especially when his friends ignore or interrupt his long speeches. He sometimes wears reading glasses and he uses his claws like hands, not his wings like in the Disney version. He lives in a tree house known as To the Chestnuts , described as an old world residence of great charm. This house is blown over by a storm in the eighth chapter of Pooh Build a House . I-Aah finally discovers a new house for Owl, but it is Pigel's house. Piglet gives the house anyway and moves to Pooh. Owl calls it the geoile .

In the Disney adaptations, Owl is much calmer and cozier. He speaks with a heavy southern English accent. He enjoys telling stories about his relatives, including his cousin Dexter. His house is blown over in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh , but is rebuilt in the short film A Day for Eeyore . He doesn't appear in My Friends Tigger and Pooh .

Minor characters in the books


A swarm of honey bees debuts in the first chapter of Pooh Bear . They live in a beehive where Pooh wants to steal honey . They also appear in the Disney version, where they usually get into trouble, which means that the characters are pursued by them and have to flee.

Rabbit's friends and relatives

Rabbit acquaintances and relatives are a multitude of small mammals (mainly smaller rabbits, mice, squirrels and hedgehogs) and insects that appear unsolicited to all larger events (e.g. a party). Otherwise they do not play an important role. Some of them were named:

  • Alexander Käfer is mentioned briefly in the ninth chapter of Pooh the Bear . He became so upset by the others that he hid in a crack for two days and then lived with his aunt. It was also the subject of a poem in Now We Are Six .
  • Small (short for Very Small Beetle ) is the goal of a search that organizes Rabbits in the third chapter of Pooh Builds a House . He also appears in My Friends Tigger and Pooh , making him the first new Milne character to appear since Tigger's debut in Winnie the Pooh and the Dog Weather .
  • Heinrich Eilig appears briefly at the end of Pooh Builds a House and returns to the hundred and sixty acre forest . There he took part in the spelling competition, counted the points in cricket and danced at the Thanksgiving Day .
  • Early and Late appear briefly at the end of Pooh Build a House and were expanded in Return to the One Hundred and Sixty Acre Wood. There they get mice made from foamed sugar from Christopher Robin when he returns . They also took part in the spelling competition. Illustrations suggest that they are mice.
  • The-littlest-of-all makes his debut at the end of Pooh Builds a House and also appears in Return to the Hundred and Sixty Acre Wood . He tends to be unsure of what he's seen.
  • Rabbit's family appears in the books. Many relatives also appear in an episode of New Adventures with Winnie the Pooh and are regularly mentioned.


Heffalumps are elephant- like monsters mentioned in the fifth chapter of Pooh the Pooh and the third chapter of Pooh Building a House , and they like honey, which is why they often steal it. In the books I am concerned with undefined beings who presumably do not even exist, while many (especially the later) works of Disney are real creatures. In Heffalump - A New Friend for Winnie the Pooh , the friends meet for the first time a Heffalump, called Lumpi , who befriends Ruh and is basically a good being.

Wuschel / Woozle

Wuschel or Woozles at Disney are weasel-like monsters that were mentioned in the third and ninth chapters of Pooh Bear . a related species is the wischel . They don't exist in the books either, at Disney they appear for the first time in the song Heffalumps and Woozles in The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh . In New Adventures with Winnie the Pooh , a Woozle named Stan appears with his buddy, Heffalump Heff , who are villains. They used to be recruited by a huge woozle named Wooster , who later turned against evil after Pooh showed him the benefits of friendship .


Jagulare are jaguar- like monsters that were first mentioned in the fourth chapter of Pooh Builds a House , because Pooh and Piglet thought Tieger was one. There you find out that Jagulare Help! ( Hello at Disney ! ) and then, if you look up, drop yourself from a tree onto you. They also appear in New Adventures with Winnie the Pooh .


The Balzrück is a creature that the characters come up with after they misunderstood Christopher Robin's note, which actually means that he would be "soon" back from school. They believe that the Balzrück kidnapped Christopher Robin. It does not appear.

In Winnie the Pooh , the Balzrück is the protagonists' opponent, as the animals think it captured Christopher Robin. Owl describes him as a large, ugly, mean, and terrifying purple and blue creature that damages or even destroys many everyday items such as books, socks, and colored pencils. Pooh and friends build a trap to catch him (a pit full of books, socks, dishes, toys, and other things), but Christopher Robin emerges again and it turns out he was never caught, only in that School was.

At the end of the film it turns out that the Balzrück is real, but it's a friendly and helpful creature who wants to bring the animals' things back to them. However, the trap catches him when he picks up all the objects and falls into the pit.

Uncle robert

Uncle Robert is Owl's uncle and is mentioned in Chapter 8 of Pooh Builds a House , but never appears. In the short film Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore , Owl says that Uncle Robert is celebrating his 103rd birthday, even though he thinks he'll be 97. Back in the Sixty Acre Wood , it turns out it's dead. Owl keeps his ashes in a vase and tries to write down his biography.

Minor characters in Return to the Hundred and Sixty Acre Wood


Lottie is a diva-like female otter and the only new main character in Return to the One Hundred and Sixty Acre Wood . In the fourth chapter she meets friends and is good at playing cricket and harmonica , attaches great importance to etiquette and wears a pearl necklace. Lottie is a bit mischievous and mean to the others at times and lives in a water-filled suitcase called Villa Perseverance .

Oppa Rammler

Oppa Rammler is the rabbit's grandfather. He wears glasses, is very old and the head of the rabbit family. He doesn't seem to like rabbits that much, but he gives him advice in Chapter 5. Uncle Robert knew and corresponded with him.


Under the word thesaurus , Piglet imagines a dinosaur- like monster. In truth, I am only dealing with Christopher Robin's dictionary of synonyms (" Thesaurus ").