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The Logistics Hall of Fame is a virtual hall of fame for personalities who have made exceptional contributions to the further development of logistics and supply chain management . The aim of the Logistics Hall of Fame is to document the milestones in logistics as a global platform and to honor their makers in order to underline the importance of logistics for business and society. The non-profit initiative is supported by politics, associations, media, logistics industry and science. The patronage is Andreas Scheuer , Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Germany.

The Logistics Hall of Fame was initiated and founded on September 18, 2003 by the editor-in-chief of the logistics business magazine Logistik inside and the weekly VerkehrsRundschau , Anita Würmser.

Admission rules and choice

Men and women of all ages can be admitted to the Logistics Hall of Fame if they have made a decisive contribution to the development of logistics through a social, organizational, technical, scientific or business performance that has been carried out or is responsible for. The candidates can also have passed away. As a rule, one person is inducted into the Logistics Hall of Fame each year. The recording takes place as part of a reception at the headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Transport .

Anyone can propose new members - including themselves - for inclusion in the Logistics Hall of Fame. Once a year, the Logistics Hall of Fame Council selects up to ten candidates from all the suggestions received, which are then submitted to a jury for a decision on admission to the Logistics Hall of Fame. The jury decides in a secret ballot.


Since it was founded, 35 well-deserved logisticians and logistics teams have been accepted into the Hall of Fame. So far, only one woman has received this award.

year heading Reason
2004 Malcom McLean Father of containerization
Taiichi Ohno Inventor of Kanban
Hanspeter Stabenau Founder of the German logistics movement
Horst Wildemann Automotive logistics pope in Germany
2005 Heinz and Hugo Fiege Pioneers in contract logistics
Klaus-Michael Kühne Entrepreneur and logistics patron
2006 Hans-Christian Pfohl Founder of scientific logistics research
William H. Turner Organizer of the Berlin Airlift
2007 Helmut Baumgarten Founder of holistic and process-oriented logistics
2008 Eugene Bradley Clark Inventor of the forklift
2009 Reinhardt Jünemann Material flow pope and co-founder of industrial logistics
Peter Klaus Logistics surveyor
2010 Gottfried Schenker Inventor of collective rail transport
2011 Detthold Aden Manager and initiator of modern logistics
2012 Michael ten Hompel Research pope in logistics
2013 Hermann Grewer Shaper of European road freight transport
2014 Gottlieb Daimler Inventor of the truck and pioneer of modern road haulage
2015 Heidi Senger-Weiss Successful logistics entrepreneur and initiator
2016 Franz von Taxis and Johann Baptista von Taxis Founder of the international postal system
Henry Ford and Ransomware Eli Olds Inventor of assembly line production
James E. Casey Inventor of parcel services and founder of UPS
Norman Joseph Woodland , George Laurer , Bernard Silver Barcode inventor
Lothar Raucamp Fighter for the cooperative idea in logistics and founder of the commercial insurer Kravag
Gerhard Schäfer Initiator of the system concept in container logistics
Frederich W. Smith Inventor of express logistics and founder of FedEx
Horst Mosolf Vehicle logistics pioneer
Peer Witten Pioneer of internet trading and modern logistics
2017 Jeff Bezos Revolutionary in e-commerce and logistics, founder of Amazon
2018 Rolf Schnellecke Outsourcing pacemaker and innovator in automotive logistics
2019 Erich Staake Modernizer of inland port logistics


The jury consists of more than 60 personalities from the logistics industry worldwide. You choose a new member for the Logistics Hall of Fame from the group of nominated personalities in a secret ballot. The chairman of the jury is Logistics Hall of Fame founder Anita Würmser.

Circle of supporters

Various companies and institutions support the Logistics Hall of Fame. These include:

  • ADAC truck service
  • Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)
  • Federal Association of Freight Transport, Logistics and Waste Management (BGL)
  • Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME)
  • Federal Association of Parcel and Express Logistics (BIEK)
  • Federal Association for Transport and Logistics (BWVL)
  • Federal Logistics Association (BVL)
  • Business + Logistic
  • CHEP
  • German Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV)
  • German Transport Forum (DVF)
  • Port of Duisburg (duisport)
  • Gebrüder Weiss
  • impact media projects
  • International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)
  • International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • Kögel trailer
  • Food newspaper
  • LOGISTICS courier
  • LT manager
  • Panattoni
  • PTV Group
  • trans current
  • Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
  • International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • Food newspaper
  • LOGISTICS courier
  • LT manager
  • Quiet
  • trans current


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