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Lois Zimmermann (* July 7, 1892 in Uhrissen, now Orasín ; † April 11, 1932 Komotau ) was a German draftsman , graphic artist and painter .

Blackboard at the birthplace in Uhrissen


Lois Zimmermann was born in Uhrissen at number 18. During his school days in the elementary school in Göttersdorf he drew attention to himself with his talent for drawing. During the two and a half year apprenticeship with the master painter Oskar Nestler in Komotau, he learned the profession of a decorative painter . He then began a three-year course at the arts and crafts school in Gablonz . Due to his talent, he received several awards from the institution. Until the First World War he worked in the Schindler glass factory in Simmersdorf near Iglau as a graphic artist . This was followed by the draft for military service in the Landwehr Infantry Regiment No. 10 in Jungbunzlau . While serving on the Eastern Front , he was injured in the left hand and later in the left leg. So he spent two years in military hospitals and finally was in the military hospital in Pardubice in Bohemia . During this time he painted the incidents in the hospitals and thus processed his war experiences. Pen drawings with the title Enough, Enough are still preserved.

After the end of the war, he returned to his hometown and devoted himself exclusively to art painting . He created pictures of the Ore Mountains as a watercolor , oil painting or copperplate engraving . His artistic talent quickly became known and it enabled him to travel to the arts and crafts schools in Munich and Dresden for study purposes . In 1920 he and his friend Gustav Zindel von Rodenau presented his works with great success at a local festival . In the following years he exhibited his pictures in the Bunzlau and Komotau city museums . His close connection with the Ore Mountains landscape made him a popular artist in his homeland. Due to his war injuries, he died at the early age of almost forty in the hospital in Komotau. In May 1932 his pictures were shown and documented in the form of a memorial exhibition in Komotau. He was given a grave of honor in the Göttersdorf cemetery, which was leveled around 1980. In 2007 a special exhibition on the 75th anniversary of Zimmermann's death took place in the Regional Museum in Chomutov. Two years later, the memorial plaque that had been attached to the former inn building in 1934, a bronze relief with the image of the artist by the Sudeten German sculptor Rudolf Stalla from Komotau, was renewed because it had been removed after 1945.


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