Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

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German title Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
Original title Lost Boys: The Tribe
Country of production United States ,
original language English
Publishing year 2008
length 94 minutes (uncut), 92 minutes
Age rating FSK 18
Director PJ Pesce
script Janice Fischer ,
James Jeremias ,
Hans Rodionoff
production Rick Benattar ,
Alison Semenza ,
Mary Viola
music Nathan Barr
camera Barry Donlevy
cut Amanda I. Kirpaul

←  Predecessor
The Lost Boys

Successor  →
Lost Boys: The Thirst

Lost Boys 2: The Tribe is an American horror film released in 2008. The film is the sequel to The Lost Boys from 1987. The film is directed by PJ Pesce . The film was produced directly for the DVD market.


In the small Californian coastal town of Luna Bay , people disappear without a trace. The reason for this is the vampire clique of Luna Bay: As soon as the sun has set, the vampires make the streets and the beach of Luna Bay unsafe. Anyone who gets in their way will be put out of the way.

Chris, a surfing champion, and his sister Nicole, whose parents were tragically killed, have to move to their aunt in Luna Bay because of money problems. The vampire clique around surf star Shane quickly shows interest in the two newcomers. Shane falls in love with Nicole and decides that Nicole will live with him as a vampire for all eternity.

When Chris is distracted, Shane infects Nicole, who then begins to transform into a vampire. To save his sister Nicole, Chris wants to destroy Shane and his vampire clique together with the vampire hunter Edgar Frog.

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  • The film portal cinema.de describes the film as follows: "In itself, entertaining bloodsucking fun, but disappointing as a cult film sequel."

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