Ludwig Wilhelm Seidel

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Ludwig Wilhelm Seidel

Ludwig Wilhelm Seidel (born June 18, 1802 in Weimar; † May 26, 1894 ) was an Austrian bookseller and publisher.


He was born as the youngest son of the rent agent Philipp Seidel , a servant and confidante of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . In Weimar he also attended grammar school.

After his father's death, he chose the book trade as a profession. He began his apprenticeship in 1821 with Friedrich Fleischer in Leipzig . He was then called back to military service in Weimar, where he completed his training at Hoffmann's bookstore.

In 1824 he traveled to Paris, where he worked for Ponthier & Co. for a year. He then worked for Carl Gerold in Vienna until 1833 . In that year he and Carl Winiker took over the Haller'sche Buchhandlung in Brno under the company Seidel & Co. Soon this business took such a boom that it was considered the first bookstore in Moravia . During this time, Wilhelm Braumüller joined the company as a silent partner.

In 1836 Seidel and Braumüller bought the bookstore of the widow Edle von Mösle in Vienna, while the Brno store was taken over by Carl Winiker alone in 1841. Due to the difficult conditions at the time, it was only possible in 1841 to record the Braumüller and Seidel company; soon afterwards the business was on a par with the best Viennese firms. In 1848 the twelve-year collaboration was split up: the publishing house was split up and Seidel founded his own business on Graben in Vienna.

The publishing business developed increasingly. The Militärverlag soon became the main direction of the company LW Seidel. It eventually became Austria-Hungary's leading military publisher . From 1857 onwards, all publishing articles were printed in the company's own printing house.

In 1861 the eldest son Ludwig joined the company as a partner, which has since been operating under the company LW Seidel u. Son was continued. In 1886 the owners of the company were awarded the title of kuk court book dealer. The founder of the business died on May 26th, 1894 at the age of 92. His son Ludwig died on April 13, 1900. The grandson of LW Seidel Heinrich Tachauer, authorized signatory since January 1, 1892 and public partner since December 11, 1896, continued the business after October 10, 1900 as the sole owner of the company. The printing company was sold to Kreisel and Gröger in 1883.