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The Mars symbol stands for the male gender (interpreted as a round shield and spear of the god of war Mars )

In bisexual reproduction , the male sex is the sex that provides the greater number of germ cells ( sperm cells, sperm ) with which the female germ cells ( egg cells ) are fertilized and one or more offspring ( multiples ) arise. It is marked with the Mars symbol ♂ .

Many animals and plants require two sexes for their reproduction : the female (feminine) and the male (masculine) - in contrast to species with self-fertilization . Bisexuality has developed independently of one another several times in the course of evolution (see also disadvantages of sexual reproduction , basics of the female sex and gender determination ).


In humans , the male gender is determined by four biological characteristics:

In intersex people (formerly: hermaphrodites, hermaphrodites ), the primary gender characteristics are less pronounced and cannot be clearly assigned to the male or female gender; sometimes female gender characteristics are also present ( gynandromorphism ; see also third gender ).

A masculinization ( virilization ) is present in men or women when androgenic sex hormones pronounced physical and sexual characteristics imply (especially Behaarungen) significantly from the normal appearance ( phenotype vary) gender (the feminization of men see effemination.a ).

Other animals

In animals, different physical and genetic mechanisms determine the sex of an individual :

  • male bees (drones) develop from unfertilized eggs, female bees from fertilized ones (see sex determination )
  • in birds , males have two identical sex chromosomes, while females have dissimilar ones
  • In some crocodiles and other reptiles , the sex is determined by the incubation temperature of the eggs


In the case of seed plants , a distinction is made according to whether an individual

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