MV Werften Wismar

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MV Werften Wismar
legal form Company with limited liability
founding 1946
Seat Wismar , Germany
Number of employees about 1200
Branch shipbuilding

MV Werften Wismar, 2018

The MV Werften Wismar (formerly Nordic Yards , Wadan Yards MTW and Aker MTW Werft ) in Wismar is a compact shipyard of the MV Werften company , whose original name VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar was dedicated to the communist Reichstag member Mathias Thesen , who was murdered in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1944 . It was built in several steps on the Wismar Bay in the years after the Second World War .

The shipyard still employs around 700 people, compared to 1,300 before the shipbuilding crisis. It is one of the largest employers in Wismar. The newly built facilities in Wismar also include the roofed building dock , the hall of which is 72 m high, 155 m wide and over 395 m long.

The shipyard has been part of the Malaysian-Chinese shipping company Genting Hong Kong since March 2016 . Genting founded the new MV Werften, which in future will include the Wismar, Warnemünde and Stralsund locations with a total of 1,700 employees.


Sliding at the Mathias Thesen shipyard, 1982

On April 27, 1946, a ship repair facility of the Red Army was founded in Wismar , which was handed over to the German state administration on January 1, 1947. After the takeover of the old Hanse shipyard , the incorporation of the former “Hafenschmiede” and the “Schröder und Schackow” shipyard, the state-owned company was renamed VEB Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar (VEB MTW) on October 31, 1951 . In 1959, the MTW and other shipbuilding companies were merged into the Association of People's Own Companies ( VVB ) Shipbuilding . The development of group-like organizational structures, which can generally be observed in the industrial sector of the GDR, continued in 1979 with the transformation of VVB Schiffbau into Kombinat Schiffbau Rostock .

Since the 1950s, a variety of was sea-going vessels for commercial and fishing fleet of the GDR, other countries of the CMEA and the international market made. In 1960 the only new build of a cruise ship in the GDR, the Fritz Heckert , was launched in Wismar.

From 1982 to 1985 extensive modernizations took place in order to bring the shipyard up to the current technical standard.

In the course of the economic reforms in the GDR, the Mathias-Thesen-Werft Wismar GmbH was founded on June 1, 1990 . MTW now belonged to Deutsche Maschinen- und Schiffbau AG (DMS). After renaming to MTW Schiffswerft GmbH , MTW now for Meerestechnik Wismar , the takeover by Bremer Vulkan Verbund AG followed in August 1992 .

From 1994 to 1998, modernization took place through investments amounting to approx. 1 billion DM, although the Bremer Vulkan had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. On May 1, 1998, the Norwegian Aker RGI group took over the shipyard, which from then on was called Aker MTW . From around the time the Kvaerner Group was integrated into the existing Aker Yards Group (2002), the former Kvaerner Warnow Werft Rostock GmbH and Aker MTW Werft cooperate under the name Aker Ostsee .

Wadan shipyard in Wismar, 2006

In 2008 Aker Yards sold the majority to a Russian financial investor. The transaction took effect retrospectively on January 1, 2008, and from September 22, the shipyards operated as Wadan Yards.

On June 5, 2009, the German parts of the Wadan Yards Group AS , including Wadan Yards MTW GmbH in Wismar, filed for insolvency at the Schwerin District Court . The Schwerin lawyer Marc Odebrecht, member of the law firm Brinkmann & Partner, was appointed as insolvency administrator. In mid-August 2009, the insolvency administrator was able to present an investor who also took over the Wismar shipyard. The head of the Moscow North Stream office Vitaly Jussufov (Russian: Виталий Юсуфов, English transcription: Vitaly Yusufov), son of the former Russian energy minister and Gazprom supervisory board member Igor Yussufov (Игорь Юсуфов, Igor Yusadan the assets of the German company), acquired the assets Nordic Yards established by him for around 40.5 million euros. The still insolvent German Wadan Yards parts are after the sale of all assets a legal shell over which the Wadan creditors are compensated.

In October 2009 work was resumed, but new orders were initially pending. It was not until 2010 that the construction of a Nordic AT 19 tanker designed for arctic conditions for the Russian company MMC Norilsk Nickel with a value of approx. 100 million euros could begin. The company has been involved in the offshore sector with the construction of platforms and special ships since 2010. In December 2012, the shipyard received a Russian state contract to build two ice-breaking rescue and recovery ships for the Arctic.

The director Dieter Schumann accompanied the slide of the company and its employees into insolvency as well as the rescue maneuvers that should lead out of it in his film "Wadan's World". This had its world premiere on October 22, 2010 as part of the 53rd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film .

In March 2016 the Malaysian-Chinese shipping company Genting Hong Kong acquired the Nordic Yards for a purchase price of 230 million euros; the shipyard in Wismar was valued at 108.5 million euros. Together with the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven , the shipyards in Wismar, Warnemünde and Stralsund were to operate under the name "Lloyd Werft Group" and manufacture cruise ships. In July 2016, however, the establishment of the MV Werften was announced, whose headquarters are in Wismar. The cruise shipbuilding is now to take place exclusively at the MV Werften.

On March 20, 2020, the production of the current shipbuilding projects was suspended and the shipyard was temporarily closed. This was justified with the restrictions in operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic . The North German Radio reported that the shipyard group problems would have it, accounts for the second cruise ship in the Global class and the expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor to settle that arise on the locations in Warnemünde and Stralsund; MV Werften had contacted KfW and applied for liquidity assistance from the special Corona program.


Folding boats

Folding boat Delphin 140 as a folding motor boat

Among other things, folding boats were manufactured at MTW as part of the production of consumer goods . In addition to the kayaks of the Kolibri series, the collapsible sailing , motor and rowing boats with the name Delphin are particularly well known .

From 1954 to 1990 around 75,000 folding boats were built at the Kanalstrasse site in Wismar, which were sold not only in the GDR, but also in many other European countries and can still be found on the water today. The Kolibri IV was most frequently produced with over 16,000 units. The lowest number of units (probably less than 100) is the Scalare 250 catamaran, with 200 kg probably the heaviest folding boat ever built.

model Construction period Type
Dolphin 110 1954-1989 Multipurpose dinghy
Dolphin 85 1954-1963 Kayak twos
Hummingbird i 1955 – approx. 1963 Kayak compact double
Scalare 250 1962 catamaran
Hummingbird II approx. 1964 – approx. 1968 Kayak compact double
Dolphin 130 "Pirate" 1964 – approx. 1968 Multipurpose dinghy
Dolphin 140 1966-1987 Multipurpose dinghy
Hummingbird III approx. 1968–1989 Kayak compact double
Folding rowboat 1978 – approx. 1984 Rowing dinghy
Hummingbird IV 1983-1989 Kayak compact double
Dolphin 150 1988-1989 Multipurpose dinghy
Hummingbird Tramp 1989-1990 Kayak compact double



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