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General information
Reception: Cable , internet
Countries: Rhineland-Palatinate
Owner: Mobil TV e. V.
Executive Director: Fritz H. Schwanewede
Start of broadcast: 1988
Attitude: 2006
Program type: Regional television
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MYK-TV was one of the first private regional broadcasters in Germany and the first in Rhineland-Palatinate . From 1988 he broadcast in the Mayen and Eifel region . Started her career at MYK-TV / Regionalfernsehen Mittelrhein: Sven Voss (ZDF Sportstudio); Frank Roos (; Dominique Lars Ziesemer (NDR presenter and director).

The transmitter

The transmitter was part of the life of the people in Mayen and the surrounding area. Celebrations, events, news, the police report or sports were shown on MYK-TV. The program was moderated for many years by Stefan Pauly, Joachim Ebertz, Anne Weber, Siggi Klein, Kay-Sölve Richter, Theo Schäfges, Anne Diensberg and Christiane Valerius. Mark Kohlbecher (now RTL) also started his career at MYK-TV in Polch. Kai Kramosta had his first comedy attempts there with a late night show.

Transmission area

In the following cities in northern Rhineland-Palatinate, MYK-TV was distributed via the cable network : Mayen , Mendig , Polch , Münstermaifeld , Ochtendung and in many other places in the Mayen-Koblenz district .

Since September 2008, MYK-TV has been broadcasting its program on YouTube and on its own homepage as video on demand .


In November 2000, the three regional television stations in northern Rhineland-Palatinate , i.e. Kanal 10 , wwtv and MYK-TV, merged to form the new station TVT1. Together they reached 800,000 spectators. However, the merger did not bring the expected benefits and the new station ran into financial difficulties, among other things because of the lack of acceptance of the new station by viewers. MYK TV left the network in 2001 after just one year. In 2003 the decision was made to go separate ways again and to broadcast alone in the respective region. The final economic collapse for Kanal 10 came in 2005, combined with the withdrawal of the broadcasting license by the responsible authority LMK in Ludwigshafen.

The broadcasting area in the cable network of Kabel Deutschland from MYK-TV from Mayen was taken over by TV Mittelrhein after it was discontinued on December 31, 2006.

MYK-TV has been online again since 2011. In cooperation with the Internet portal EIFEL.TV, reports from the region are shown again on a regular basis.

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