Marija Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya

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Maria Ilyinichna Miloslavskaya

Marija Ilyinichna Miloslawskaja ( Russian Мария Ильинична Милославская; * April 1, 1624 , †  March 2 or 3, 1669 in Moscow ) was the first wife of the Russian Tsar Alexei I and the mother of the Russian Tsar Feodor III. , Ivan V. and the regent Sofia Alexejewna .


Marija Ilyinichna was a younger daughter of the boyar and diplomat Ilya Danilowitsch Miloslawski and the Yekaterina Fyodorovna Narbekowa . In 1647 Tsar Alexei I reached the required age at marriage. He had the opportunity to choose his bride from among hundreds of nobles. These women were chosen by the tsar's teacher, boyar Boris Morozov , who arranged the marriage to Maria and who himself married the bride's sister, Anna. Another sister, Irina, married Prince Dmitri Dolgoruki .

The marriages brought both the boyar Boris Morozov and her father Ilya Miloslawski great influence. He took advantage of this in the period between 1648 and 1668, the year he died. Marija died just a few months after her father.

Marija had thirteen children. Two sons reached adulthood: the future Russian tsar Feodor III. and Ivan V, who should exercise the rule with his half-brother Peter I. She also had six surviving daughters. The third of them, Sophia Alexejewna, was regent of Russia from 1682 to 1689.

Marija's sisters died without offspring. A distant cousin, however, Solomonida Mikhailovna Miloslawskaja , married Andrei Wassiljewitsch Tolstoy , and thus belongs to the ancestors of the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy . In the 20th century, the eldest of her descendants received permission from Tsar Nicholas II to add the name of the long-extinct Miloslawskis to his own surname. These descendants are now known as Tolstoy-Miloslawski .

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