Margraviate of Susa

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The Kingdom of Italy (781-1014) with the Margraviate of Susa

The Markgrafschaft Susa was built around 940/945 when it Arduin Glabro, Count of Auriate and later Marquis of Turin , managed the Saracens from the Valle di Susa distribute, and thus the above the town of Susa lying Alpine pass at Mont Cenis again made usable. It was this military importance that justified the title Margraviate. The area was inherited within the Arduins family until it came to the aspiring House of Savoy through marriage in the mid-11th century . Passing the margraviate on to Friedrich von Lützelburg and his son did not last.

Marquis of Susa


Susa Castle , built by Margravine Adelheid on the ruins of the Roman Praetorium .
  • Arduin Glabro (Arduin the Bald), † after April 4, 976, Count of Auriate, Margrave of Turin
  • Maginfred (Manfredo), † before 1001, his son, Margrave
  • Odalrich-Maginfred (Odelricus dictus Mainfredus), his son, probably 1001 Margrave of Turin, lord of a third of the Valle di Susa
  • Boso, probably 1026 to Castello di Susa, probably Count von Susa, great-grandson of Arduin
  • Wido, whose brother, Margrave probably of Susa, attested to Castello di Susa in 1026, 1029, † before 1040
  • Adelheid, † 1091, Margravine of Susa, mistress of Turin, daughter of Odalrich-Maginfred; ∞ I Hermann IV , Duke of Swabia , † 1038 ( Babenberger ); ∞ II Heinrich Margrave of Montferrat ( Aleramides ); ∞ III Odo , † 1060, son of Count Humbert I of Maurienne, around 1046 Margrave of Susa

House of Savoy

House Scarponnois

  • Friedrich von Mousson, † 1092, Lord von Lützelburg, Margrave of Susa 1065, Peters son-in-law
  • Peter, † before 1133, his son, Herr von Lützelburg, Margrave of Susa