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Episcopal coat of arms by Martino Gomiero

Martino Gomiero (born December 7, 1924 in Castelnuovo (Teolo) , Italy , † November 20, 2009 in Sarmeola near Padua ) was the Roman Catholic Bishop of Adria-Rovigo .


Martino Gomiero studied at the seminary in Padua and Veneto and was ordained a priest on July 4, 1948 . After postgraduate studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he was secretary to the Bishop of Padua Girolamo Bartolomeo Bortignon , later rector of the seminary and from 1971 archpriest of Monselice, the "pilgrimage site of the seven churches" (Santuario delle Sette Chiese) .

Pope John Paul II appointed him bishop of the Velletri-Segni diocese on June 5, 1982 . He was ordained episcopal on July 11, 1982, by the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops , Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio ; Co-consecrators were the former Bishop of Padua, Girolamo Bartolomeo Bortignon OFMCap, and Archbishop Filippo Franceschi , Bishop of Padua. After changing the name of the diocese to a Suburbicarian diocese , the diocese Adria-Rovigo with its seat in Rovigo was transferred to him on May 7, 1988 . On October 11, 2000, his request for retirement was granted by John Paul II.

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