Matthias Berger (architect)

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Matthias Berger (born April 24, 1825 in Munich ; † April 30, 1897 there ) was a German architect .


Max II barracks

At a young age, Berger initially worked as an employee of the royal Bavarian building councilor Friedrich von Gärtner . After his death in 1847, he settled in Munich as an independent civil architect. In the following years he designed a number of important church buildings, such as St. Johann Baptist in Haidhausen (1852–1874) and for Gaimersheim and Partenkirchen (1867–1871).

From 1858 he directed the restoration of the Munich Frauenkirche . However, a dispute with the responsible building committee led to his replacement by Ludwig Foltz . After 1859, Berger built the Maximilian II barracks on the Oberwiesenfeld . In 1861 he became a member of the Munich Association for Christian Art .

Berger's employees included u. a. the architect Karl Hammer (1845–1897).

Individual evidence

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