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Matthias Jahn (born December 13, 1948 in Forst (Lausitz) ) is a former German football player who played for BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt in the GDR Oberliga , the top division of GDR football, in 1969/70 . Jahn is a four-time GDR junior national player.

Athletic career

In his youth Jahn played from 1958 to 1964 for the BSG unit forest . From 1964 Matthias Jahn played in the junior team of the company sports association (BSG) Energie Cottbus . In the fall of 1966 he was accepted into the squad of the GDR junior national team. Between October and November 1966 he played four international matches as a striker and scored his team's consolation goal in the match Romania - GDR (2-1). In the 1967/68 season he was used for the first time in the GDR league team of BSG Energie. He immediately developed into a regular player, completed 23 of the 30 point games and scored six championship goals. In 1968/69 he was used in all 30 league games, was the top scorer in Cottbus with 16 goals and reached third place in the list of goalscorers for the North Season in the GDR League.

In the 1969/70 season, the BSG Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt played for the first time in the GDR league. On this occasion, the team was strengthened by several new players, including the 20-year-old Matthias Jahn. After he made his first league appearance on the 5th matchday, coach Manfred Fuchs then regularly offered him as a striker, so that Jahn made 20 league appearances by the end of the season. In the match on the 20th matchday between BSG Stahl and Hallescher FC , he scored his only top division goal with a 2-0 final score. After Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt had ended the season as relegated, the GDR Football Association then found numerous violations of the game rules by officials and players and transferred the BSG to the third-rate district league . Four players, including Matthias Jahn, were suspended for one year. Stahl Eisenhüttenstadt achieved immediate promotion to the GDR league, for which Jahn was again eligible to play from 1971/72. However, he was only used in four point games. He regained his regular place in the 1972/73 season, in which he played 20 of the 22 point games and was again top scorer of the steel team with seven goals.

After a season without use in 1973/74, the 25-year-old Jahn moved to the district division chemistry Guben . In his first season in 1975 he was relegated to the fourth-class district class, but immediately achieved promotion. 1986 Chemie Guben rose with Jahn as a player-coach in the GDR league. At the age of 37, Jahn ended his career as a competitive footballer and assisted Roland Hammer as an assistant coach.


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