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Maurus is a male given name and family name .


The name is the Latin form of the Greek name Μαῦρος Mauros and means “ foresighted ” or “seer” (original meaning: “dark”).


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People with first name Maurus

Ancient and Middle Ages

Modern times

Individuals with the surname Maurus

  • Gerda Maurus (1903–1968), Austrian actress
  • Hartmann Maurus , also Hartmann Mor, Hartmann Mohr and Hartmann Moer (before 1506-1537), German lawyer, university professor
  • Heinz Maurus (* 1952), German politician (CDU)
  • Lux Maurus (* around 1470 in Kempten; † 16th century), carver from the Allgäu
  • Nicolaus Maurus (1483–1539), German Lutheran theologian
  • Sophia Maurus (* 2001), German Nordic combined athlete

Fictional people

Individual evidence

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