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Max Bloesch (also Blösch ; born June 27, 1908 in Olten ; † August 9, 1997 in Solothurn ) was a Swiss gymnastics teacher who became known as a stork father due to his successful work for the resettlement of the white stork in Switzerland .


Max Bloesch was born the son of an accountant in Olten . After attending the teachers' seminar in Solothurn and training as a gymnastics teacher at the University of Basel, he initially worked as a teacher at the comprehensive school in the hamlet of Huggerwald in the Solothurn community of Kleinlützel and then as an assistant gymnastics teacher at the Winterthur Cantonal School . From 1935 Bloesch was a gymnastics teacher at the Solothurn City Schools, which at that time also included the District School , from 1956 until his retirement in 1970 at the Solothurn District School. Max Bloesch's marriage to Aline Hottiger († 1977) produced three daughters and a son.

Use as a stork father

Already during his time at the teacher training college, Max Bloesch devoted himself to bird watching, whereby he developed a special interest in the storks. Since Bloesch had to find out that the stork was close to extinction in Switzerland, he made the decision to build a stork settlement. This was created from 1948 in Altreu in the Solothurn community of Selzach , first with storks from Alsace and Czechoslovakia , then with a larger number of young storks from Algeria . Around 1950 the stork was considered extinct in Switzerland. However, through the stork parent station in Altreu and, by the time, 22 outstations between Lake Geneva and Lake Constance, Bloesch was able to get the stork to settle permanently in Switzerland again. In 1997, when Bloesch died, 170 breeding pairs were counted nationwide. For his services as a stork father , Bloesch was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Bern in 1983 . In 1986 he received the Adele Duttweiler Prize .


As a field handball player , Max Bloesch was a member of the team that won the bronze medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics . He was playing a game. As a gym teacher, Bloesch was one of the pioneers in the use of music in gym classes.

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