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Mel Jersey (born October 1, 1943 as Eberhard Karl Alfons Jupe in Falkenau , Grottkau district , Upper Silesia) is a pop singer , composer , lyricist and producer . Mel Jersey has been married to Judith Kristina Barbara Jupe (birth name: Lafin) (* 1952 ) since November 1969 . The two have two daughters and form the duo Judith and Mel .


Mel Jersey appeared as a pop singer from the early 1970s. Back then Peter Orloff wrote the songs for Mel. He had some hits, for example Lisa (Always for You), Lady of Love, I'm sitting between two chairs , don't play the song, turn around and say goodbye, -Malayka , Queen of the Night and several appearances on radio and television. In 1980 and 1982 he was a singer, composer and lyricist twice in the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest and in 1982 he finished seventh when Nicole won.

At first he was unable to achieve any sweeping success as a singer. However, he wrote hits for other performers, including Roy Black , Lena Valaitis , Florian Silbereisen , Mara Kayser , Stefan Mross , Margitta and her daughters (the first two long-playing CDs complete), Eberhard Hertel , Dennie Christian and Alpentrio Tirol . Since 1990 he has performed with his wife Judith, initially as the home duo Judith & Mel , later only as Judith and Mel . The repertoire switched from hit to the popular sector . Mel Jersey also produced other artists, for example Margitta and her daughters, Dennie Christian, Lena Valaitis and Rudy Giovannini .

Before he could make a living entirely from music, he worked as a toolmaker at Volkswagen in Hanover .

Title (selection)

  • 1976: Queen of the Night
  • 1976: Sierra Madre
  • 1980: I'm sitting between two chairs
  • 1981: Why does the world only want to see winners
  • 1982: Malaika
  • 1982: give me a night
  • 1982: Teenage Dream
  • 1984: I am not an angel
  • 1985: Nikita
  • 1985: Angel of the Night
  • 1987: Lisa (Always for you)
  • 1988: Lady of Love

Individual evidence

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