Alpine trio Tyrol

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Alpine trio Tyrol
General information
Genre (s) popular hit
founding 1982
resolution 2011
Founding members
Georg Astenwald
Richard Geir (until 1983, 1986-2007)
Guitar , vocals
Reinhard Steindl (until 1986)
Last occupation
Electric bass, vocals
Georg Astenwald
Guitar, vocals
Mario Wolf (since 1986)
Keyboard , accordion
Christoph Purtscheller (since 1993)
former members
Herbert Pinter (1983–1986)
Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Have a little time for me
  AT 13 08/18/1991 (16 weeks)
On the night of the comet
  AT 47 02/28/1999 (2 weeks)
Tears are pearls
  AT 46 
03/21/2008 (5 weeks)
Longing for dreams
  AT 53 06/11/2010 (1 week)
Have a little time for me
  AT 14th 08/11/1991 (4 weeks)

The Alpentrio Tirol was an Austrian music group of popular hits .


The group was founded in 1983 by Georg Astenwald. His first two partners were Herbert Pinter (accordion) and Reinhard Steindl (guitar). The trio had their first success with the title Depperter Bua (composed by Horst Chmela ).

In 1986 Mario Wolf (vocals, guitar) and Richard Geir (accordion) joined the group and replaced Reinhard Steindl and Herbert Pinter.

In 1988, when they took part in the Grand Prix of Folk Music for the first time , the Alpentrio Tirol came last with the title I stand on folk music (composed by Horst Chmela). At the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1990 the trio with the title Da drob'n auf'm Berg stands a Kircherl (composed by Dagmar Obernosterer ) took part again and came in second behind the Kastelruther Spatzen . A year later, the Alpentrio Tirol won the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1991 with the title Hast a bisserl Zeit für mi (composed by Brunner & Brunner ) .

In 1994 Georg Astenwald brought the young Christoph Purtscheller (keyboard, accordion) to the Alpentrio Tirol, which since then - while keeping its name - has performed as a quartet until 2007. They have been back as a trio since 2007 because Richard Geir ended his career and retired. He played his last concert at the first Servus-Freunde-Fest in Seefeld. His position has not been filled.

Individual concerts in halls and halls as well as concert tours (e.g. stars of folk music ) with other formations from the same genre are also part of the schedule, as are regular television and radio events. Since 2005 the Alpentrio Tirol has been on a concert tour in the run-up to Christmas under the title Christmas in the mountains . The concerts only take place in churches. The program consists of traditional Tyrolean Christmas and church hymns as well as tales of Tyrolean Christmas stories.

From 1994 the Alpentrio Tirol organized the annual Servus-Friends-Festival in Neustift in the Stubaital . A 3-day tent festival, which was initially intended as a large fan meeting for the 2000 members organized in 13 fan clubs, with a supporting program and concerts. The Servus-Freunde-Fest reached up to 15,000 visitors over three days, to which the Alpentrio Tirol brought together musicians such as Hansi Hinterseer , Kastelruther Spatzen , Claudia Jung , Andy Borg , GG Anderson , Semino Rossi , Die Stoakogler , Ursprung Buam , and many more. invited to himself. The weekend of Pentecost is considered the date of the festival. As a result of restructuring on the part of those responsible for tourism in the Stubai Valley, there was a change in the location for the Servus Friends Festival from Neustift to Seefeld in Tyrol in 2007 - now in a hall.

In 2011 Georg Astenwald retired, after which the Alpentrio Tirol was dissolved. Since then, Mario Wolf and Christoph Purtscheller have performed as a duo under the name Mario & Christoph .


  • On sunny heights, 1983
  • A life full of music, 1984
  • Hunderl im Stroh, 1985
  • All my Busserln, 1986
  • Mama i ask you to watch oba, 1987
  • Bella Musica, 1988
  • Halli Hello, 1989
  • There is a church up there on the mountain, 1990
  • Don't forget love, 1991
  • Got a little time for wed, 1991
  • Key to your heart, 1992
  • Christmas for Tue and Wed, 1992
  • When hearts dream, 1993
  • Love Stars, 1994
  • Love is ..., 1994
  • The Angel from Marienhof, 1995
  • ... then love is involved, 1995
  • Gold - their great successes, 1995
  • The Secret of Midsummer Night, 1996
  • Never leave me alone, 1997
  • The best and more, 1998
  • I need your tenderness (3 CDs), 1998
  • On the night of the comet, 1999
  • Forever and ever, 1999
  • Party hit mix, 1999
  • Like velvet and silk, 1999
  • A every day with you, 2000
  • Oh Mi Amor, 2000
  • The eternal gold of the mountains, 2001
  • All Dreams to Heaven, 2001
  • Made in Austria, 2001
  • Christmas in the mountains, 2002
  • Hawaii is not a Tyrolean country, 2003
  • In the mountains of Tyrol, 2003
  • Our first 20 years, 2003
  • The roses are red, 2004
  • Voices of Homeland, 2005
  • Dance with me, 2006
  • Closer my God to you, 2006
  • Angels Must Fly, 2007
  • Tears are pearls, 2008
  • The Evening Prayer of the Mountains, 2008
  • 1000 times so beautiful, 2009 (AT: goldgold)
  • Christmas in the Mountains (Live), 2009
  • Longing for Dreams, 2010
  • Hello friends - it was nice 2011


  • The stupid Bua 1983
  • I like folk music in 1988
  • There's a church 1990 up there on the mountain
  • Got a little time for mi 1991
  • I have the key to your heart in 1992
  • The angel from Marienhof 1995
  • The secret of Midsummer Night 1996
  • Like velvet and silk 1999
  • On the night of the comet in 1999
  • Hawaii is not a Tyrolean country in 2002
  • The roses are red in 2004


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