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Hotel Mercure in Potsdam (2017)

Mercure is an international hotel chain . It was founded in 1973 and taken over by the French Accor group two years later . In the 2015 financial year, 741 hotels with three to four stars belonged to Mercure. There are also 46 upscale hotels of the Grand Mercure brand. This makes Mercure the second most important Accor brand after Ibis . Most of the hotels are in Europe, with Grand Mercure's focus on the Asia-Pacific region .


The first Mercure hotel opened in Saint-Witz in the Val-d'Oise department in northern France. At the time of the takeover by Accor, the company was still called “Société d'investissement et d'exploitation hôteliers”, or SIEH for short. It was already active on the French market with hotels under the Novotel brand . After the first Ibis hotel opened in 1974 , Mercure developed into the third pillar of the group in the 1970s between Ibis and Novotel. Five years after it was founded, the Mercure hotel chain already comprised over 30 hotels in France alone. In the mid-1980s, the company expanded to Germany and other countries, including Austria. Accor positioned the hotel chain in the middle class for houses with three or four stars, which are aimed at both vacationers and business travelers. A key feature of the Mercure hotel chain since the 1980s has been the wine list.

At the end of the 1980s, the hotel chain had around 100 hotels worldwide, ten percent of which were in Germany. Despite the fierce competition among mid-range hotels, Mercure continued its expansion course. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the former Interhotels in Chemnitz, Dresden and Potsdam were leased . Additional locations were added in Eastern Europe, for example the first Mercure hotel opened in Warsaw in 1993 . In addition to new establishments, Mercure also took over existing locations from other chains: including, for example, the Pullman in Saarbrücken , which previously belonged to Accor, as well as the Holiday Inn in Koblenz and the Steigenberger in Passau . In the mid-1990s, Mercure revised its brand identity and, for the first time, invested in television advertising on a broad front. The campaign was later expanded to include other media under the motto “The Key to the City”.

In 2000 the 75th Mercure Hotel opened in Germany. The position in the market for mid-range hotels was notably strengthened primarily through a cooperation with the Baumhögger Group from Dortmund. As part of this, 27 new hotels in Germany with over 3,000 rooms came under the Mercure umbrella. After the Accor Group invested in the Dorint hotel chain in 2004 and took over the management of the German hotels, Mercure was positioned in the upscale sector. Individual hotels completely took over the Mercure brand, for example the Parkhotel in Bad Neuenahr or a hotel in Neu-Isenburg . In addition, over the years some hotels of the Novotel group have switched to Mercure, such as the house in Saarbrücken. For further expansion, Mercure relied increasingly on franchise partners , who already operated around a third of the hotels. From 2007 to 2010, 20 to 25 new houses were added every year in Germany.

Among other things, Mercure received international attention through the introduction of the Business Club for business travelers. In 2006, for example, this welcomed its two thousandth member in Austria. With the launch of the Grand Mercure brand for upscale hotels, Accor was particularly successful in Asia, for example in China and Vietnam. Since the competition among mid-range hotels remained high, Accor announced a relaunch of its core brand Mercure in 2013. In addition to updating the technology and modernizing the rooms, the lobbies of the houses , for example, were rebuilt. They became a central element of the brand as they were designed individually for each location. In 2013, Mercure had more than 730 hotels worldwide, with one new hotel opening on average every week.


Mercure Hotel am Wittenbergplatz in Berlin-Schöneberg (2017)

Most Mercure hotels are located in the city ​​center , near train stations or airports. They are regionally rooted, but have an international quality standard. This means that the appearance and layout of the houses are different, while the equipment and service are standardized. The furnishings correspond to the upper middle class, the majority of the houses have their own restaurant with local and international cuisine. There is often a hotel bar, and an extensive wine list ("Mercure Weinlese") is also typical of Mercure. The hotels of the Mercure brand usually have three or four stars , whereas Grand Mercure is a five-star hotel . While in the mid-2000s it was not allowed to smoke in around half of the rooms, Mercure was the first German hotel chain to introduce smoke-free establishments in 2006.

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