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As metal processing is referred to the production and processing shaped workpieces made of metals according to predetermined geometric determinants (subject to certain tolerances and surface finish ) and their assembly into functional products . Metal processing is a sub-area of manufacturing technology .

Divisions and professions

Metal processing is carried out in a wide variety of branches of industry and craft, from jewelry production to tool and mold construction to vehicle construction , mechanical engineering , shipbuilding and bridge construction .

A distinction is made between metal processing methods in

or according to the type of metal (e.g. heavy metal , light metal , non-ferrous metal and precious metal ). The main groups of manufacturing processes according to DIN 8580 can all be applied to metal processing.

Many professions have developed around metal processing, e.g. B.

Apprenticeship in Austria

The three-year apprenticeship in the metal technology module has been possible since June 1, 2011. The modular apprenticeship replaces the following 16 previous apprenticeships: mechanical engineering, machine manufacturing technology, machine mechanics, metal technology - sheet metal technology, metal technology - vehicle construction technology, metal technology - metal construction technology, metal technology - metal processing technology, metal technology - forging technology, metal technology - steel construction technology, precision tool grinding technology, tool construction technology, tool mechanics, cutting and universal technology, knife welding fitter .

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