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Michael Cellarius , also Michael Keller , (* around 1490 Burgheilen near Rain ; † February 1548 in Augsburg ) was a German theologian and reformer .

Live and act

Cellarius studied in Leipzig and became a pastor in Straubing and Wasserburg am Inn . When he was banned from preaching by the bishop because of his evangelical sermons, he left Bavaria and went to Wittenberg on August 7, 1524 , before turning to Augsburg in 1525 .

On the advice of Urbanus Rhegius , he became a preacher at the barefoot monastery . There he was able to introduce the Reformation . There were violent disputations , especially about the evangelical councils. Cellarius published it in the book “Ask and Answer Several Articles Between M. Michaelen Keller and D. Mathia Krezen. . . newlich go. ”Augsburg 1525. With his rough manner, biting mockery and wit, he had the people behind him.

After his colleagues Johannes Frosch and Urbanus Rhegius had set a good example, Cellarius also married Felicitas Oesterreicher in 1526 .

When the Last Supper Controversy (1529) was fiercely fought in Augsburg, he sided with the Zwinglians and resisted approaching Wittenberg.

He still had a great influence on the population of the imperial city. It is said that his preaching style triggered the iconoclasm in Augsburg. He was also able to work beyond the city limits, for example in Kaufbeuren .


  • “Ask and answer a number of articles between M. Michaelen Keller and D. Mathia Krezen. . . newlich. “Augsburg 1525.


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