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Michael Wanker (* 1976 in Schleswig ) is a German actor and voice actor .


Immediately after completing his acting training at the Freiburg Drama School in the E-Werk in Freiburg in 2003, Michael Wanker began a two-year theater engagement at the Badische Landesbühne . In the role of Faust in the Urfaust production of the Badische Landesbühne, Michael Wanker completed a successful tour through Transylvania in Romania in the winter of 2005 , where he made a guest appearance. a. at the German State Theater Timisoara .

After termination of the engagement at the Badische Landesbühne followed theater performances in Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Freiburg.

Michael Wanker has lived in Hamburg since 2005 and has since played in numerous film productions, commercials and theater productions, among others. a. at the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater .

Furthermore, he regularly speaks German dubbed versions of international feature film productions.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2005: under.pressure
  • 2005: Obsessed
  • 2006: sparring
  • 2006: Rivals (ZDF)
  • 2006: play my game
  • 2006: Ghostbusters
  • 2006: Gunnar - A student in a shirt
  • 2006: Taiketsu
  • 2007: The neurotic
  • 2007: pearl
  • 2007: melody
  • 2008: Unusual

Theater roles (selection)

Since 2007 Michael Wanker has been playing Raoul Biltgen's theater solo I Will Survive on a regular basis .

Synchronized work (selection)

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