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Michalis Dorizas, 1908

Michalis Dorizas (also Michael Dorizas, Greek Μιχάλης Δώριζας , born April 16, 1886 in Constantinople ; † October 21, 1957 in Philadelphia , USA) was a Greek athlete who was active as a javelin thrower , discus thrower and shot putter at the beginning of the 20th century .

He participated in three Olympic Games:

He started in 1906

  • in discus throwing in both freestyle and Greek style; its widths and placements are not known.
  • in stone throwing (6.35 kg), where he came in third behind his compatriot Nikolaos Georgantas and the American Martin Sheridan . The widths are not recorded.

He started in 1908

  • in javelin throwing. The program included two javelin throwing disciplines: the "freestyle", in which the end of the spear was wielded with the fingertips, and the style with the handle on the middle of the spear that is common today. Dorizas was registered for both disciplines, but only competed in freestyle. Each of the participating 25 throwers had three attempts to qualify. According to the rule at the time, only the three best were allowed to play in three more finals. With a throw over 51.36 m, Dorizas was second behind the towering Swede Eric Lemming (54.45 m). The third place, the Norwegian Arne Halse , did not go over the 50 m mark (49.73 m). In the final, however, none of these three throwers could improve any further, so that the order after the qualification was already the final result. Dorizas won the silver medal behind Lemming.
  • in discus throwing (freestyle and Greek style) and shot put; in discus throwing (Greek style) Dorizas reached 5th place with 33.35 m; its distances and placements in the other competitions are not recorded.

He started in 1912

  • in discus throwing (freestyle, the Greek style was not played) and reached 13th place with 39.28 m.
  • in the shot put and reached 11th place with 12.05 m.

Dorizas won the 1910 and 1912 Panhellenic Games in the shot put, in 1907, 1908, 1910 and 1912 in the discus, and in 1912 in the stone throw. In 1914 Dorizas emigrated to the USA . He died in Philadelphia in 1957.


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