Middle Fork Payette River

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Middle Fork Payette River
Middle Fork Payette River.jpg
Water code US386832
location Boise County , Valley County in Idaho (USA)
River system Columbia River
Drain over South Fork Payette River  → Payette River  → Snake River  → Columbia River  → Pacific Ocean
Headwaters Salmon River Mountains
44 ° 33 ′ 5 "  N , 115 ° 45 ′ 51"  W.
Source height approx.  1900  m
muzzle South Fork Payette River Coordinates: 44 ° 6 '14 "  N , 116 ° 0' 3"  W 44 ° 6 '14 "  N , 116 ° 0' 3"  W.
Mouth height 916  m
Height difference approx. 984 m
Bottom slope approx. 15 ‰
length 65 km
Catchment area 872 km²
Discharge at the Crouch
A Eo gauge : 872 km²
Location: 2 km above the mouth
MQ 2000/2016
Mq 2000/2016
10.5 m³ / s
12 l / (s km²)
Communities Crouch
Middle Fork Payette River in the Payette River basin

Middle Fork Payette River in the Payette River basin

The Middle Fork Payette River is a right tributary of the South Fork Payette River in the east of the US state Idaho .

The river has its source in the Salmon River Mountains at an altitude of about 1900  m . The Middle Fork Payette River flows in a south-southwest direction through the mountains of the Boise National Forest and flows into the westward flowing South Fork Payette River near the village of Crouch . The 65 km long Middle Fork Payette River drains an area of ​​872 km². The mean discharge of the Middle Fork Payette River at the Crouch gauge is 10.5 m³ / s. May is usually the month with the greatest flow.

The course of the river is easily accessible via forest roads and is a popular fishing destination. In the river there are u. a. the following fish species: Brook trout ( Salvelinus fontinalis ), bull trout ( Salvelinus confluentus ), cutthroat trout ( Oncorhynchus clarki ), Prosopium williamsoni (Mountain Whitefish), rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ) and Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri) (Redband Trout)

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