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میران شاہ
Miranshah (Pakistan)
Coordinates 32 ° 59 ′  N , 70 ° 7 ′  E Coordinates: 32 ° 59 ′  N , 70 ° 7 ′  E
Basic data
Country Pakistan


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Agency North Waziristan
Tehsil Miranshah

Miranshah (میران شاہ) Is a city in Tochi -Tal in North Waziristan ( Pakistan ) and the administrative and economic center of the region.


As in all of the former federally administered tribal areas in Pakistan, various Pashtun tribes form the majority of the population in Miranshah .


In 1895 the British colonial rulers established the North Waziristan Agency and subsequently a permanent military base in Miranshah to consolidate control of the area. This led to clashes and revolts among local tribes in the years that followed. In 1919 there was another uprising in the barracks of Miranshah. During the Second World War , a British airfield was built north of the city.

Today Miranshah is only a few kilometers east of the Afghan-Pakistani border. In the 1980s, a camp for Afghan refugees was set up here during the Soviet-Afghan War , which temporarily housed 2,900 families. The city is considered a stronghold of the Taliban , whose “Southern Command” for Afghanistan is based there. Afghan President Hamid Karzai also suspected that the Taliban leader Mullah Omar's retreat there . On September 5, 2006, a peace agreement (Waziristan Accord) was signed in Miranshah, which ended the conflict in northwest Pakistan between the Pakistani government in search of al-Qaida members and local tribes.

Drone strikes during the conflict in Northwest Pakistan

In and around Miranshah , targets were repeatedly attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles in the wake of drone strikes in Pakistan . In May 2010, al-Qaeda leader Mustafa Abu l-Yazid was killed by US forces near Miranshah. According to the Pakistani government, four members of the Haqqani network were killed in such an attack on October 13, 2011 . A leader responsible for logistics is said to have been among them. According to the New York Times , the network has a main base there with its own courts, tax authorities and radical madrassas. On the night of January 10-11, 2012, another four people were killed by a drone attack near Miranshah. According to the ISI , three of them were Arabs. According to the Pakistani military, ten insurgents were killed in a drone attack on February 8, 2012 and a subsequent fire. Some of them are said to come from Central Asia. In addition, according to ISI, Badr Mansoor , alleged coordinator of terrorist attacks at al-Qaeda, was killed in Miranshah by a drone attack on February 9 . According to the ISI, on June 6, 2012, a drone attack killed 17 people and injured two.


Miranshah has public secondary schools for boys and girls, as well as a government college and madrassa set up by the Taliban. A radio station has been broadcasting from the city since 2004, and its radio program can be received by around 50,000 people within a radius of 30 kilometers.

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