Moritz zu Salm-Kyrburg

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Moritz Gustav Adolph Prince zu Salm-Kyrburg (born September 27, 1761 , † February 17, 1813 ) was the son of Prince Philipp Joseph zu Salm-Kyrburg and a brother of Friedrich III. zu Salm-Kyrburg and Amalie Zephyrines zu Salm-Kyrburg . He was also an uncle and from 1794 to 1810 guardian of Prince Frederick IV of Salm-Kyrburg , in whose name he worked as regent in the Principality of Salm from 1802/1803 . Prince Moritz was a knight of the Order of Hubert .

When he was 21 years old, he was a colonel en second in the service of a French regiment. On April 1, 1782 he married Countess Christiana Maria Louise von Wartenberg (1758-1821).

At the outbreak of the French Revolution he was colonel and regimental commander in the royal hussar regiment de Esterhazy . Afterwards, during the fighting of the counter-revolution (→ army of emigrants ) he commanded the regiment of the Hussards de Salm-Kirburg .

In 1789 the painter Johann Wilhelm Wendt made a silhouette of Prince Moritz.

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