Mormaer of Moray

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The Mormaer or Morma Society of Moray was a dominion in medieval Scotland . It was centered on Moray , in northern Scotland. Here is a list from Mormair (Mormaeren):

Mormaeren of Moray
Findláech mac Ruaidrí before 1014-1020
Máel Coluim mac Máil Brigti 1020-1029
Gilla Coemgáin mac Máil Brigti 1029-1032
Mac Bethad mac Findláich 1032-1057
Lulach mac Gillai Coemgáin 1057-1058
Máel Snechtai mac Lulaich 1058-1078 / 1085
Óengus ? -1130
? Uilleam mac Donnchada 1130s-1147
Annexed ( Crown Domain of the Kingdom of Scotland ).

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