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Mormaer of Angus is an old Scottish title of nobility. From the middle of the 12th century the title was named Earl of Angus and is a hereditary British title in the Peerage of Scotland .

History of the title

Mormaer is the medieval Scottish name for a provincial ruler and corresponds to the English earl . The eponymous Angus was one of the seven original provinces of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Angus has been ruled by the Scottish Gaelic Mormaers since the Kingdom of Scotland was founded in the 9th century . The Mormaer Gillebride was first called in 1135 "Earl of Angus". In the 1240s, the title and province came to the Umfraville family through marriage to the Anglo-Norman nobleman Sir Gilbert de Umfraville . These also owned lands in England and were on the English side during the Scottish Wars of Independence , which is why King Robert I confiscated the title in 1314 and confiscated the lands in Scotland.

Between October 24, 1328 and June 15, 1329 King Robert I bestowed the title of earl on John Stewart of the House of Stewart . His granddaughter, the 4th Countess of Angus renounced her title in 1389 in favor of the crown, and then King Robert II on April 9, 1389 for her illegitimate son George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus , the founder of the “red line” of the House of Douglas . The award was made with the special addition that the title, in the absence of own descendants, was also given to his maternal aunt, Elizabeth, who was married to me Sir Alexander Hamilton , of Ballencrieff and Innerwick († around 1400). On June 14, 1633 his descendant, the 11th Earl , was raised to Marquess of Douglas . Earl of Angus thus became a subordinate title, which was apparently led as a courtesy title of the respective marriage . The 3rd Marquess was elevated to Duke of Douglas in 1703 , but died childless in 1761, so that the Duke title became extinct. The Marquess and Earl titles fell to the 7th Duke of Hamilton from the House of Douglas-Hamilton . The two titles are subordinate titles of the Duke of Hamilton to this day .

List of the Earls of Angus

Gaelic Mormaers

  • Indrechtach / Indechtraig (early 10th century)
  • Dubacan († before 937)
  • Maelbridge (?)
  • Cuncar / Conchar (before 1000)
  • Fynebole, Lady of Fettercairn (around 1000)
  • Dufugan (before 1120)

Gaelic Earls

Anglo-Norman Earls (House Umfraville)

Earls of Angus (Stewart House), bestowed 1329

Earls of Angus (House of Douglas Red Line), bestowed 1389

The heir ( Heir Apparent ) is the son of the current title holder, Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, Marquess of Douglas and Clydesdale (* 2012).


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