Earl of Menteith

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Earl of Menteith was a hereditary British title in the Peerage of Scotland . The title was used by the rulers of the Scottish province Menteith out that in the Middle Ages , first as mormaer of Menteith designated.

History of the title

As the first known Earl of Menteith, Gille Críst is documented around 1164. The title came to members of the Steward family through marriage to Walter Balloch Stewart (son of Walter Stewart, 3rd High Steward of Scotland ) in 1258 and was finally revoked in 1425 for high treason and Murdoch Stewart was executed.

On September 6, 1427 the title for Malise Graham, 3rd Earl of Strathearn was newly created, his title Earl of Strathearn had previously been stripped of his . His descendant, the 7th Earl, was also elevated to Earl of Airth on January 21, 1633 . Both titles have been suspended since the death of his son, the 8th Earl, on September 12, 1694.

List of the Earls of Menteith

Early Mormaers / Earls of Menteith

Earls of Menteith, bestowed 1427

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