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Custard Apple (Annona reticulata) in Maharashtra, India.jpg

Netzannone ( Annona reticulata )

Class : Bedecktsamer (Magnoliopsida)
Order : Magnolia-like (Magnoliales)
Family : Annonaceous (Annonaceae)
Genre : Annona
Type : Netzannone
Scientific name
Annona reticulata

The Annona reticulata ( Annona reticulata ) or the beefsteak is a kind of family the annonaceous (Annonaceae). It is known under the name Buddha fruit or Sharifa ; in Suriname it is called kasjoema .

Fruit of the Netzannone


Netzannons are trees up to 8 meters high. There are two to ten bushy flowers on their young branches , whose fruit-bearing flower stalks can be up to 3.5 centimeters long. The ovaries grow together to form a heart-shaped, egg-shaped or spherical structure, which is usually 7.5 by 7 to 10.5 by 8 centimeters in size, but in individual cases can also be up to twelve by ten centimeters. The leathery, thin outermost part of the epidermis , the exocarp , is supple and turns reddish to reddish brown in the maturation process. The slightly floury, sweet pulp is cream-colored to grayish white. The dark brown seeds are elongated.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 14.


The Netzannone is native to the tropical hill country of America in Guatemala and Nicaragua. However, it is now also thriving in other tropical regions of the world that have a subtropical climate due to their altitude. For example, it can also be found in South Florida , India , Pakistan and Thailand .

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